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June 06, 2007 09:00 ET

Arbor Networks to Speak at Conferences Around the World on the State of Network Security Threats

LEXINGTON, MA--(Marketwire - June 6, 2007) -

WHO:           Dr. Jose Nazario, senior security and software engineer,
               Arbor Networks, Inc.

CONFERENCES:   Computer Security Congress 2007
               June 7-8, 2007
               El Palacio de Miniera
               Mexico City, Mexico

               Topic: State of the Net: The Malware Arms Race in 2007

               Computer Security Institute NetSec 2007
               Tuesday, June 12, 4:30 P.M. MDT
               The Phoenician Hotel
               Scottsdale, AZ

               Topic: Reverse Engineering of Malicious Javascript

               19th Annual FIRST Conference
               Monday, June 18, 9 A.M. CEST
               The Melia Seville Hotel
               Seville, Spain

               Topic: Understanding and Analyzing Botnets

DESCRIPTIONS:  State of the Net: The Malware Arms Race in 2007

               Over the past few years the malware creation community has
               been "operationalizing" good offenses with great effect. In
               some cases, the turnaround from the research community has
               been a matter of days or hours. What's more, much of these
               tools and techniques are widely available. Malcode operators
               don't need to know how VMWare detection works to drop it
               into their code and gain its benefits.

               In contrast, the good guys are busy building commercial
               products or research projects and trying to keep them out
               of competitors' hands. The effect of this is that the bad
               guys are multiplying faster than the good guys can keep up,
               more of them are hiding their samples from the hordes of
               medium skilled analysts better, and they're increasing the
               pressure to patch or defend. This is happening because they
               have access to malcode techniques and source and an intense
               drive to succeed.

               Reverse Engineering of Malicious Javascript

               Javascript has become a prominent vector for delivering a
               flood of Internet Explorer attacks in 2006, yet how to
               dissect these malicious websites is often a mystery. In
               this presentation, Dr. Nazario will demonstrate how
               researchers can disassemble obfuscated websites and protect
               their networks.

               Understanding and Analyzing Botnets

               Dr. Nazario will explore how botnet attacks on government
               agencies and corporations have increased in frequency and
               malice through various forms such as DDoS attacks, new
               malware outbreaks, and high volume scanning and exploit
               activity.  His presentation will create a complete picture
               of the threats posed by botnets. Details will be provided on
               specialized tools and techniques that have been developed
               to infiltrate a large number of botnets for long periods
               of time.
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