Arch Biopartners Inc.

Arch Biopartners Inc.

July 14, 2010 09:28 ET

Arch Biopartners Launches Website

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - July 14, 2010) - Arch Biopartners Inc. ("Arch" or the "Corporation") (CNSX:ACH) announces it has launched a company website located at

The content of the website includes the following disclosures:

An overview of Arch Biopartners' strategy:
  • Arch Biopartners Inc. was formed to acquire, develop and manage a portfolio of early stage biotech projects in the discovery stage and advance them to the later stages of development and commercialization.
  • Arch Biopartners will focus on selling proven proprietary biomedical technology to pharmaceutical companies that can complete clinical trials and global marketing.
  • Arch Biopartners has also acquired biotechnology with industrial applications. Such products, when proven, will be sold or licensed to larger companies that have the resources for production, marketing and mass distribution.

The website contains the following description of the first three research platforms in Arch Biopartners' portfolio:

IArch Cancer Therapeutics - Targeting Brain Tumour Cells

Malignant glioma is one of the most aggressive types of brain tumours. Patients with malignant gliomas have a dismal prognosis with a median survival of only 1 year and "long-term survivors" (i.e. those surviving ≥ 3 years) are rare.

There are several barriers to the effective treatment of malignant glioma. They are difficult to remove surgically as they are highly invasive, moving into the surrounding normal brain. In addition, surgery is further made difficult because of the presence of the brain tumour initiating cells (also known as cancer stem cells) that are neither detectable nor treatable with current technology.

Arch Cancer Diagnostics' development program is focused on identifying novel peptides that selectively target to highly invasive brain tumour cells and brain tumour initiating cells.

The objectives of this program are to develop the following applications:
  1. Brain tumour diagnosis and molecular classification - Arch intends to develop peptides that bind specific tumour types to create non-invasive tests that diagnose and molecularly classify brain cancers. This technology may lead to a 'personalized medicine' approach for each patient with a brain tumour.

  2. Novel treatment for Brain tumours - Arch scientists intend to use peptides to locate cancer cells that are not detectable with current diagnostic imaging technology. If successful, this technology may lead to improvements in the surgical management of brain tumours. A long term objective is to adapt peptides as specific targeting molecules that deliver anti-cancer drugs directly to the tumour cells and preventing the collateral damage to normal tissue.

II. Arch Biophysics

Arch Biophysics' development program is focused on creating novel synthetic biological molecules that bind to solid surfaces such as steel, titanium and glass. The resulting surfaces have enhanced physical and biological characteristics.

Potential applications include:
  1. Modifying Biocompatibility (i.e. to improve the body's ability to accept and interact with implants and other non-biologic medical devices)

  2. Changing the corrosive characteristics of industrial products such as pipes and tubing.

  3. Increasing the hardness of solid surfaces.

III. Arch Inflammation - Inflammation Targeting Drugs

Many patients seeking medical care are afflicted with non-infectious chronic diseases. Common chronic diseases include chronic heart failure, chronic kidney failure, osteoarthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Furthermore, patients who have these illnesses often experience a progressive course of disease for which there are few curative treatments available. At the root of all these illnesses lies a component of inflammation that is non-infectious and thus defined as 'sterile inflammation.'

Recently, Arch scientists have identified specific molecular pathways that appear to cause sterile inflammation. In proof-of-principle studies, Arch scientists have confirmed that these sterile inflammatory pathways are involved in chronic kidney disease and inflammatory bowel disease.

The primary objective of this research program is to develop novel drugs that target molecular pathways involved in sterile inflammation.

The website also provides an overview of the selection criteria used by Arch management to choose a research platform:

Selection Criteria used to Choose Platforms:

Platforms are chosen for the Arch Biopartners portfolio on the basis that:
  • A strong patent position is attainable

  • There is the potential to meet a large unmet medical or industrial need

  • They can become significantly more valuable with modest investment and efficient management

  • The products and technology developed can be sold

If a platform does not meet pre determined milestones, it will be dropped by Arch management.

The website also contains biographical information regarding personnel as well as links to stock information and the Corporation's public filings.

For more information on the Corporation, please consult the other public documents including all press releases, management information circular, financial statements and management discussion and analysis filed on SEDAR at

Forward-Looking Statements

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