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October 13, 2009 10:00 ET

Architech Solutions Calls on SMEs to Remember the Human Factor

Custom software developer challenges industry approach

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Oct. 13, 2009) - Toronto-based custom software firm, Architech Solutions, is advising small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) that there is a better way to get more out of their technology developers, and that first rate, cost effective applications can be built using a handful of talented, local firms.

"The business model in the software industry is fundamentally flawed," said David Suydam, President, Architech Solutions. Describing the blanket approach used by many major industry players, he goes on to explain that, "Too many companies overlook the most important aspect of software development: the people actually using the software."

This results in negative and expensive consequences for many businesses. It is commonly accepted that about half of technology projects fail. Among the key reasons cited for failure, poor communication, changing requirements during development, and mismanaged user expectations are found to waste tight budgets and valuable time.

A recent report by IAG Consulting indicated that at the average North American company, 33 per cent of budgets spent on application development are wasted due to inadequate assessments of end-user requirements.

Architech Solutions is asserting the need for software firms to work more collaboratively with their clients to better understand their business and properly assess how technology can improve operations and service delivery. "Many businesses are unknowingly making poor technology decisions and the software firms they deal with are simply delivering what the businesses ask for and not always what the end user needs," said Jungho Kim, Vice President of Delivery, Architech Solutions. "And that's not right."

Architech Solutions employs an agile development approach, embraced by world class companies such as Google, which emphasizes better collaboration between clients and developers throughout the lifetime of a project, face-to-face communication instead of foreign outsourcing, the ability to react quickly when business priorities evolve and a smoother and more accurate deployment of value to one's business. The result is the delivery of custom software and enterprise systems that strategically address each business' unique model every time.

"Well executed custom software that meets the end-user's needs can give a business an incredible competitive advantage," explained Mr. Suydam. "It encourages business growth and improves productivity at all levels of a company, which directly impacts the bottom-line.

"Custom software can give a company a silver bullet against its competitors."

As SMEs strive to excel in a challenging economy, Architech further advises that companies should consider technology as a solution to many productivity challenges and to seek council from local technology specialists instead of looking to overseas outsourcing.

"Businesses should not settle," reinforced Mr. Kim. "'Custom software does not have to be expensive anymore. New development technologies and better approaches like agile mean smart local firms can build outstanding applications at a fraction of the cost of even a couple years ago.

"And more to the point: the local, personal touch means the software is much more likely to truly deliver desired business results."

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