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March 06, 2007 06:00 ET

ArchivaSports and Interperformances Change the Face of Sports Scouting

From Days to Seconds, Interperformances Clients Receive Global Visibility

COLUMBIA, MD -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 6, 2007 -- Today ArchivaSports™ announced it has joined forces with Interperformances, one of the largest sports agents in Europe, to become the video sports repository and broadband distribution center for over 300 Players worldwide that Interperformances represents. By selecting ArchivaSports, Interperformances will become the catalyst for a new way of doing business and thus adopting a more cost effective means for providing instant visibility, to a global market, for its clientele.

Interperformances will eliminate the need to duplicate and send thousands of DVDs a year. It will eliminate the delay created in sending and waiting for their clients' DVDs or tapes to be viewed by a possible interested party as it sits on their desk or in a box. Now they can post full games on-line once and can subsequently within seconds, not days, access, stream, cut, clip and make available to any party the full game film for their clients. With the comprehensive service offerings of ArchivaSports, Interperformances has now changed the competitive landscape for sports agents worldwide.

"Interperformances is the standard bearer for every company in its field in Europe. By teaming with ArchivaSports they have shown again they are ready to revolutionize the way the sports industry does business by moving in lock step with the digital industry," said Pat Durham, Director of European Operation ArchivaSports.

ArchivaSports provides state-of-the-art features for clipping broadband video, combining video clips from multiple videos, and then instantly e-mailing, pod casting and syndicating one play, many plays, or the entire game to a desired audience. All this could be done from a web browser on any desktop, so there is no need to install any software on our local computers, or buy any additional hardware.

"Working with ArchivaSports has given us a tremendous competitive advantage as we continue to expand our market dominance. Using ArchivaAgent™ our players have said they love the instant visibility they receive around the globe. The teams we serve have told us they love the immediate access they get to our clientele. And finally for us the cost saving and competitive advantage make us only hope no other agent discovers ArchivaSports," said Luciano Capicchioni, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Interperformances.

"Interperformances has an overwhelming advantage over every other sports agent that continues to distribute their video through the mail. Coaches and scouts expect to receive video as soon as possible. Interperformances' clients are a step ahead of the competition, and more importantly, Interperformances saves time and money by never leaving their office to overnight a video by mail," said Derrick Lewis, President of ArchivaSports.

With over 150 Interperformances players in the system and on their way to 300 by spring of 2007, ArchivaSports will be responsible for storing and distributing more than 2000 hours of video on-line and accessible 24/7 by any authorized user.

About ArchivaSports™

The ArchivaSports™ web-based video archive system will help players, coaches, scouts, and teams tackle the competition. Click, cut, and play your way to easy video editing, footage retrieval, and file distribution anywhere you can access the internet. E-mail highlights and lowlights of your team or rival anytime of the day. Now, game analysis is as easy as clicking a mouse.

About Interperformances

Interperformances is a full service sports agency providing strategic and tactical solutions for today's professional athletes. We offer the experience to negotiate the best possible contracts, as well as providing marketing and media relations advice, public relations and post-career planning for our clients.

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