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June 24, 2008 08:00 ET

ArcSight Announces Advanced Integration of Identity and Security Management Technologies

New Identity Monitoring Product Provides Comprehensive View of All User Activity to Increase Security and Compliance

CUPERTINO, CA--(Marketwire - June 24, 2008) - ArcSight, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARST), a leading provider of compliance and security management solutions that protect enterprises and government agencies, today announced its new IdentityView product, a unique solution for increasing the value of identity management (IdM) technologies.

ArcSight IdentityView is an off-the-shelf product that connects the user- and role-management functions of IdM products with the broad activity monitoring and correlation functions of security information and event management (SIEM) products. IdentityView is uniquely designed to work with identity and access management systems from a variety of vendors, giving nearly any IdM customer a better understanding of who is on the network, what data they are seeing and which actions they are taking with that data. The result is greater security, better compliance and easier audits.

"Insider theft and fraud continue to account for significant risks and losses. Organizations need to understand their insider risks, and they need to be able to detect and respond to incidents involving insider agents," said Bob Blakley, research director for identity and privacy strategies at Burton Group. "Integrating identity management with security information and event management can help organizations achieve both these goals."

"For many of our clients, the connection between identity and security management is clear," said Bill Garner, project manager with General Dynamics, supporting the Department of Homeland Security's OneNet Security Operations Center. "It's not possible to secure the business without knowing who is doing what. The ability to monitor user activity and connect it to roles and policies is more than an interesting concept. It's almost a situational-awareness requirement, if you want to get down to user activity."

Enhances Existing IdM Investment

IdentityView includes pre-built capabilities for correlating multiple user identities to a single identity key. Using that master identity key, IdentityView collects all of a user's activity information and analyzes it to determine if the user is performing unauthorized activities. IdentityView also includes specialized connectors for leading identity and access management solutions, including those from Oracle and Microsoft.

"IdentityView marries the power of two critical enterprise technologies," said Rick Caccia, vice president of product marketing, ArcSight. "IdM products are designed to manage user and role information. SIEM products are designed to collect real-time user activity information from a wide variety of systems. By connecting the two, IdentityView provides a dynamic picture of who is doing what, across the enterprise."

"Oracle's identity management customers rely on our products to increase business efficiency and compliance through automated controls," said Rohit Gupta, senior director of product management, Oracle. "ArcSight IdentityView enhances our customers' ability to understand users and roles by bringing in activity information from a wide variety of data sources, such as network security devices, file systems, and web proxies. The result will be a comprehensive solution for managing not only the user lifecycle, but also user activity."

IdentityView ships with a set of high-impact reports and dashboards that help organizations better understand their users:

--  Activity-Based Role Modeling, which shows activity for users in a
    particular role
--  Comprehensive Activity Reporting on user activity for any time period,
    across systems, even those not connected to an IdM product
--  Automatic Watch Lists, which can automatically track specific users'
    activity in response to unauthorized actions
--  Separation-of-Duty Tracking, which indicates potential conflicts
    across business applications and file systems or databases
--  Application Usage Tracking, which analyzes access to files or
    applications by department or region to ensure proper licensing compliance
--  Role Tracking, to report on roles and rights assigned to users, even
    for systems not connected to an IdM product

IdentityView also includes the unique Pattern Discovery technology previously available in ArcSight ESM. This technology uses machine learning to create profiles of particular types of users, so that unwanted actions can be prevented in the future. For example, the pattern discovery feature in IdentityView can create a profile of an employee who is likely to quit, based on analyzing the activities of previous employees who have left the organization.

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