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December 04, 2006 13:20 ET

ArcSight Announces New Log Management Appliance

ArcSight Logger Extends Value of Log Data Across the IT Organization

CUPERTINO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 4, 2006 -- ArcSight, Inc., a leader in Network and Security Information Management solutions, today announced a new log management appliance to provide customers with an easily searchable, high-performance and cost-effective log data repository that can be leveraged across networking, security and IT operations teams. ArcSight Logger offers the industry's highest performance and best price/performance by handling over 75,000 events per second, as well as the industry's broadest device support for over 170 distinct products as well as custom solutions.

Need for Log Management

Compliance teams across organizations are looking for cost effective ways to collect and store relevant log data from numerous sources to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, FISMA, HIPAA and GLBA, and other regulatory mandates. In order to achieve this, aggregated log data must be retained, often for several years, in an easily accessible and searchable log repository. Log data also has the potential to enhance security postures, to assist in network and system management, and to improve service level agreements.

ArcSight Logger

Networking, security and IT operations teams are realizing the need to capture and analyze larger volumes of log data across security and network sources for a variety of purposes. To support the evolving requirements of IT organizations, logs must be captured at very high rates and then made available in an easy-to-use manner to different constituents across the organization. At large enterprises, this could easily mean that 10,000+ events per second need to be collected and made available for further analysis. Along with high volume collection, organizations need a low cost and easily searchable archive that can store log data for multiple years as mandated by regulations.

ArcSight Logger is designed to address these needs. Additional ArcSight Logger features include:

--  Rapid Ad-hoc Interaction With Log Data - ArcSight Logger makes it easy
    to filter through vast amounts for context into specific events.  This is
    enabled by an interactive querying interface, allowing users to quickly
    expand and narrow search parameters, drill in and across data sets and
    visually determine event relationships.
--  Audit Quality Data - ArcSight Logger makes it easy to search raw data
    for auditing or investigative purposes.  It enables secure collection and
    storage of log data and includes data integrity measures and granular
    access controls to enforce separation of duties.
--  Data Availability Policies - Retention policies dictate how logs are
    purged, retained, rotated and compressed so that data is available
    according to internal or regulatory requirements.
--  Cost Effective Long Term Log Storage - ArcSight Logger provides over
    two years (representing approximately 15TB of raw uncompressed data) of
    onboard storage per appliance with the ability to scale through the
    deployment of additional appliances or through inbuilt support for NAS.
--  Distributed Deployment & Scalability - Multiple ArcSight Loggers can
    be deployed to linearly scale both storage and performance.  Granular
    access controls and intelligent search technology allows rapid access to
    authorized data across appliances.
--  Ease of Deployment & Maintenance - Delivered as a 1U appliance, ArcSight
    Logger is easy to deploy and maintain.  In addition, event logs are stored
    as compressed files eliminating the need for database
ArcSight Extends Product Line

ArcSight provides a range of software and appliance solutions that span log aggregation, security information and event management (SIEM), network remediation and network configuration management as part of its mission to enable security, network and IT operations to turn data into action. As part of this initiative, ArcSight also announced a new Network Configuration Management appliance.

"With the release of ArcSight Logger and our new ArcSight Network Configuration Management appliance also announced today, we are extending the value of ArcSight solutions beyond security teams to corporate IT at large," said Hugh Njemanze, CTO and EVP of Research and Development at ArcSight. "Our new line of products delivers on the trend towards converging security, networking and IT operations goals."

ArcSight Logger is available December 2006 and is priced at $75,000 per appliance.

About ArcSight

ArcSight, a leader in Network and Security Information Management, delivers mission-critical solutions for security, network and IT operations that enable enterprises to turn operational data into action. ArcSight solutions address today's complex enterprise networks that span multiple organizations and corporate business initiatives. By comprehensively collecting, analyzing, managing and responding to security and network data, ArcSight solutions mitigate information risk for real-time threat management, compliance reporting and automated network response. ArcSight's customer base includes leading global enterprises, government agencies and MSSPs.

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