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Ardmore Animal Hospital

February 05, 2012 11:15 ET

Ardmore Animal Hospital Offers Laser Surgery to Reduce Pain and Recovery Time

ARDMORE, PA--(Marketwire - Feb 5, 2012) - Ardmore Animal Hospital has had great success with laser surgery procedures for pets from The Main Line. The hospital has been providing care to local pets since 1937, and was one of the first hospitals in the U.S. to perform laser surgery on pets. Because of the ability to perform surgery without anesthesia, reduce pain and improve recovery time, the veterinary hospital feels that laser surgery fits well with its motto of being "dedicated to gentle and compassionate care."

Similar to the lasers which have been successfully used in human surgeries for over thirty years, lasers which are used in pet surgeries emit a tiny, intense beam of light which can cut, cauterize and vaporize body tissues. The vet team at the animal hospital said they utilize the laser surgical approach because it offers a safe, comfortable alternative to traditional scalpel surgeries.

The primary reason why the veterinary team uses lasers in pet surgery is the use of lasers enables the surgeon to perform many surgeries with only local or regional anesthesia, rather than general anesthesia. By using local or regional anesthesia the risk for the pet is reduced and the pet is awake during the procedure. The Ardmore Animal Hospital is able to perform many of their surgeries without anesthesia because of the combination of recent advances in drugs that can block the pain in a specific area and because of this laser technology.

Additionally, the veterinarians choose to utilize lasers because of their precise cutting nature. During the surgery, the veterinarian is able to precisely target the area that is to be cut and leave the surrounding tissue alone and undamaged. Lasers also seal, or cauterize, blood vessels while they are cutting which minimizes bleeding during and after the operation. Because lasers don't bruise or tear as much body tissue, there is less swelling and inflammation. Heat generated by a laser helps minimize infection, and pain is minimized as nerve endings are also sealed.

"Lasers have added great flexibility to the care we can provide for pets from The Main Line and beyond," Dr. James Bianco said. "This really is a gentler and more caring approach to surgery. We're able to provide a necessary service while minimizing the risk and the pain the pets may experience. Their recovery time is much faster and they're able to get back home and resume spending quality time with their pet owners. Our veterinarians are constantly looking for ways to provide better, more advanced, and more compassionate care for our patients."

Various procedures for which the vet team utilizes lasers include declaw surgery, spay and neuter surgeries, removal of small masses or tumors, certain dental procedures, and anal gland removal. Lasers have also proven effective in ear, eye and eyelid surgeries. Certain breeds of dogs with "pushed in noses" (brachiocephalic) may also benefit from a surgery to open the nostrils and reduce the soft palate to improve their breathing capability.

Ardmore Animal Hospital is located at 24 E. Athens Ave and provides services to pets from The Main Line and the surrounding communities. Currently there are 40 staff members, including a team of eight veterinarians and two veterinary specialists. The hospital is AAHA Accredited and has been the recipient of The Best on The Main Line Award for nine years in a row.

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