December 18, 2012 10:31 ET

Are Gold IRA Investments Worth Their Weight in Gold?

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - Dec 18, 2012) - Retirement investing is often times the last thing on the minds of the under-30 working class in the United States. An entrepreneur who was recently turned on to investing in precious metals heeds advice to the younger generation and shares some eye opening statistics on how investing in gold can be a sound retirement strategy. The editor of recently shared his thoughts about gold IRA investing.

It's no secret the price of gold has been highlighted on major news outlets for the last decade. Currently on an 11 year bull run, the deepening financial troubles of the United States has alerted investors that dollar-denominated assets have declined in comparison to precious metals a daunting 82% since 1971. 

"I've lost money in equities, real estate, offshore real estate, and even rare collectibles," stated Tim, the editor of upstart, a website highlighting the process of how people can turn an abandoned 401k account into a retirement account backed by gold or other precious metals. "With inflation reducing our purchasing power, gold is really the best hedge and it should be considered in any long-term investment plan. I'm finding most people very receptive to the education I provide on my website, which makes me motivated to spread my message and continue to share my story," he concluded.

While there are rules and guidelines to follow, it's becoming common place for investors to convert Traditional and Roth IRAs into gold IRAs backed with physical proof and bullion coins and bars. The entire process can be done with simple paperwork and is outlined on this page

One sub-set of people who have taken advantage of this process are people who have changed jobs and "abandoned" their prior retirement plan, leaving it to be in the hands of their previous employer. With a new retirement plan to contribute to in their new employer's company, the "old" investment account can often times easily be rolled over into a precious-metals backed plan, providing ultimate diversification, which is paramount to long-term investing success. 

Gold isn't the only precious metal in which this process can be structured around. Silver, platinum, and palladium are other examples of precious metals that have held or gained significant value in the last decade. 

For more information on retirement accounts backed by precious metals like gold, you can visit gold & silver investing made easy, a resource on the topic. 

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