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March 20, 2007 13:59 ET

Are Web2Corp WBTO and Preparing to Change Social Media?

New Social Media Site Allows for Unprecedented Flexibility, Networking

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 20, 2007 -- Social media has changed the way that consumers use the web, and increased the number of people who feel comfortable creating content. Blogs, personal pages, video and picture sharing create so much content that it is literally impossible to consume it all. Google indexed 2.6 billion webpages, and adds thousands of blog posts, images, and webpages a day. YouTube has over 36 hours of footage uploaded every day. In order to extract the content that users want from the web, aggregation is needed. Whether using a RSS feed aggregator such as Google Home or a social aggregator like, the web's users rely increasingly on other sites and other people to bring them the news that they want.

"There are customizable feed aggregators out there," says Andre Forde, President of Web2Corp (OTCBB: WBTO), "such as Yahoo! Pipes, Teqlo, and OpenKapow, but they're all too difficult for most users to comprehend, and they do not have enough reach or scale. They're not fundamentally new. What is needed is for someone to take the power of user-customized aggregation and present it in an easy to understand fashion and make it simple to use. Back in the nineties, a little company that made it easy for people to get on to the web, a little company that made Web 1.0 accessible to the average computer user. It was AOL, and it dominated the early days of the web by addressing a strong need that hadn't been served. It made Web 1.0 simple.

"Web2Corp believes that making the web simple is a sure way to get users and market share, and is making Web 2.0 simple. It's self-aggregation and social networking on a whole new scale. It's Web 2.1, moving beyond today's greatest web technology to bring tomorrow's internet to everyone. Self-Publishing is the hot topic of the moment. It's everywhere. Self-Aggregation is what's going to change the web. It's everything on the internet, presented exactly how you want it. It's"


Using today's greatest web technology to bring tomorrow's internet to you, is hyper-local, local, and national media like no one's ever seen it before. Take command of online news, broadcast, and content media with one revolutionary new internet application. You want it. YouGetIt!

About Web2Corp:

Web2Corp is a Web 2.0 internet technology development firm dedicated to rapid creation and adaptation of technologies. Web2Corp addresses new markets of users by creating and simplifying useful products, reducing the level of user technical skills required, and lowering prices for consumers.

Web 2.0 technologies have become increasingly popular, with the use of Web 2.0 applications such as e-commerce or blogs up more than 25% over the last year, according to comScore networks. The Web 2.0 market generates more than 20 billion dollars of revenue a year, with well-known companies like,,,,, and making up the majority of the income.

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