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Are You Able to Truly Leave Your Work Behind When on Vacation?

Most Quebecers check office email or voicemail when taking a holiday, Expedia.ca's latest Vacation Deprivation™ survey finds

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Picture it: you're on vacation, taking a well-deserved rest. But be honest: do you still see your smartphone or laptop in the picture, close at hand?

If you answered yes, you're not alone: A majority of Quebec workers - 58 per cent - say they regularly - or at least sometimes - check in with the office by email or voicemail when they're on holidays, according to the 2011 Vacation Deprivation® survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Expedia.ca. Quebecers should find comfort knowing that their provincial average was slightly lower than the national one, where 62 per cent of Canadians state they check into the office while away on holiday.

The study is an annual analysis of vacation habits across multiple countries and continents. Twenty countries are represented in the 2011 study, spanning North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia.

"This year's survey has highlighted the continuing trend of workers struggling to 'power off' from work and instead focus on enjoying their vacation," said Sean Shannon, Managing Director, Expedia Canada. "It seems that for a sizeable number of Quebecers, it's hard to not use technology like smartphones on vacation to ensure projects are running smoothly back at the office, but we shouldn't underestimate the benefits of a vacation on our physical and mental well-being - both at home and at work."

Quebec Workers Give up Vacation Days

On average, Quebecers reported being allotted approximately 20 vacation days this year, however, they say they usually only take 17 - leaving three potential days off going un-enjoyed. In last year's survey, Quebecers indicated they took 15 of a reported 18 vacation days.

Canadians generally take most of the vacation time they are allotted by their employers, with most of us using 15 of the average total of 16 days. Multiplied by the size of our workforce, that time not taken translates into approximately 17 million(1) unused days overall in Canada.

The survey also revealed that the number of unused vacation days vary depending on geography. Albertans receive an average of about 20 vacation days a year but only take 15, the region with the highest number of unused holidays. Atlantic Canada follows suit with residents leaving four of their 20 vacation days unused. On the flip side, Ontarians and British Columbians both receive and take their 15 vacation days, a trend similar to those in the Prairies, who reported taking all 20 of their allotted vacation days.

What's Keeping Quebecers at Work?

So why work when there's vacation time in the bank? The top reasons were being unable to afford to take a vacation (20 per cent of Quebecers versus 26 per cent nationally), or because their schedule doesn't allow them to plan far enough in advance to take a vacation (cited by 18 per cent of Quebecers). Twenty-eight per cent (more than one quarter of Quebec respondents) report having had vacations postponed or cancelled because of work. This is 10 per cent lower than the national average of 38 per cent.

"Quebec workers should never let time or money get in the way of a much-needed vacation. Would-be travellers should plan their vacation as far in advance as possible as the best rates are most often found 60 days out from the departure date; not to mention, it gives employers enough advance notice to plan ahead," said Shannon. "Vacation costs could also be reduced if travellers bundle flight and hotel together, which saves the average Expedia.ca customer more than $300 per trip on some of the best deals already available to our customers."

The 2011 Vacation Deprivation study was commissioned by Expedia and conducted by Harris Interactive. More details on the survey results can be found at www.expedia.ca/vacationdeprivation2011.

Vacation Deprivation in Canada - More Regional Revelations:


  • The beach rules! A relaxing beach vacation is the number one choice of Canadians in every province - Quebecers included, with 41 per cent making the beach their top choice.


  • Far more than any other province or region, Quebecers prefer summer vacations (63 per cent), with only 22 per cent saying they prefer taking a break in the winter.
  • Summer vacations are the top choice in most parts of the country (42 per cent is the national average), except for Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, where most prefer a winter holiday.

With whom?

  • The first choice of Quebecers is to vacation with the immediate family (including the kids) at 34 per cent.
  • But we also love getting away with just our spouse or partner - 30 per cent took a vacation just for two in the past year.

Big break? Or shorter getaways?

  • Quebecers far and way prefer taking longer vacations - 40 per cent say they like to take one or two extended vacations per year, as compared to the national average of 27 per cent preferring to use their vacation time this way.

Expedia.ca's Tips for the Vacation Deprived

With 2011 coming to an end and those vacation audits due, start planning ahead for 2012 with vacation planning tips from Expedia.ca:

Think about your vacation as a well-earned part of your career, not a professional luxury. Team up with others in your workplace to promote the benefits of taking time off to ensure wide-spread support for when people do go on vacation.

Advance holiday planning not only helps secure the best possible deal, but it also gets people ready for your eventual departure. Leaving detailed notes about work in progress and assigning a designated replacement in your absence helps ensures vacations remain work-free.

If you do feel the need to check in with work, set limits on yourself and your colleagues. Let people know you won't be 'on-call' or in touch frequently and set aside the minimum amount of time needed to check in. Don't break your own rules and resist the temptation to follow-up with the office throughout your vacation.

Promotions can mean huge savings. Expedia.ca's annual Escape Winter promotion, which launches this month, offers discounts on package vacations to several southern destinations all backed by the Escape Winter Best Price Guarantee. For those who like to take advantage of daily online deals, Expedia.ca has teamed with Groupon to deliver deals that offer more than 50 per cent off hotels, flights and cars, all redeemable whenever you are ready to take your hard earned vacation days.

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This survey was conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of Expedia.com from September 19-October 9, 2011 among 7,803 employed adults 18 and older in the following countries: The United States (520), Canada (1080), Mexico (411), Argentina (301), Brazil (308), United Kingdom (440), Germany (402), France (409), Italy (400), Spain (428), Norway (300), Sweden (300), Denmark (301), Ireland (301), Netherlands (300), Japan (300), India (302), South Korea (300), Singapore (300) and Australia (400). This online survey is not based on a probability sample and therefore no estimate of theoretical sampling error can be calculated. For complete survey methodology, including weighting variables, please contact Emily Vear at Veritas Communications.

(1) Statistics Canada - Labour Force Survey 2011

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