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5Deka inc.

April 20, 2011 07:00 ET

Are You Ready for the Future? The Next 50 Years Technology Megatrends: June 14th 2011-Montreal Convention Center

Unique presentation on the personal and business impact of upcoming megatrends

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - April 20, 2011) - 5Deka is pleased to announce a unique ninety minutes presentation to be held on June 14th 2011 at the Montreal convention center, titled The Next 50 Years: Technology Megatrends; Business and Personal impact.

During this dynamic and unique presentation Rejean Bourgault, will share his pure passion for the future and the impact of technology on every aspect of our lives, both business and personal.

The presentation will start by reviewing the current state of technology around us in multiple areas. Then, it will cover the potential impact of technological changes that are predicted over the next 50 years. Finally, 5Deka will transport the audience to a day in 2050 which will include many concrete examples. In parallel, the presentation will have a key focus on the Generation Y and Cyber (respectively 31 and 16 years old and younger) becoming quickly an important portion of the work force. How to attract and retain these new generations of employees is a key challenge for every companies and organizations.

The English session will start at 14:00 and the French Session will start at 10:00 in room 511 of the Montreal convention center. Participants can register at www.5deka.com/conf.

5Deka has presented to a varied range of customers, including large financials and insurance institutions, global Information and telecom companies as well as multiple chambers of commerce.

5Deka just released a brand new video on YouTube covering the next 50 years and presenting its prediction of life expectancy reaching 100 years very soon. This video is covering a very small aspect of the future, which is amongst dozens that 5Deka will discuss during the presentation.

Media passes will be available on a limited basis upon formal written request.

About 5Deka:

5Deka strongly believes that in the next 50 years, we will experience changes that will come at an unprecedented pace. These will come from every possible angle and will have a key influence on life expectancy and life span, the environment, energy, work, modes of transportation, food, water and many other aspects of our lives. We will witness key breakthrough in health sciences and areas such as biotechnology, genetic, bionic, stem cell, nanotechnology and brain research. One key basis for all these technological developments will come from the exponential revolution that we are experiencing in computer sciences.

More than just being futurists, 5Deka's role is to educate and bring the future of technology to a level accessible for a very wide audience in order for organizations, governments, teachers, students and parents to be better prepared for their own future and the wide range of opportunities that will appear in the coming decades.

5Deka's Charter: We believe that the future is fundamentally fascinating. We are committed to share our passion for the future of technology and its implication both in business applications as well as in our personal lives. We have a contagious passion for the new generations and how they are influencing constant changes; at the same time, we believe in a need of mentoring for these new generations entering the world. We believe that the human brain is more than just a calculating and storing device, the mind plays an important role and can't simply be replaced by a man made machine. We strongly believe in collaboration and collective intelligence, the essence of a great future for human kind and our planet. We value innovation, leadership, education, family and healthy lifestyle which include regular physical and mental activities, good work-life balance as well as a commitment from everyone for a better world.

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