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March 05, 2014 09:00 ET

aRIA (The Alliance for RIAs) Releases Case Study 4 of 6, From Exencial Wealth Advisors

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK--(Marketwired - March 05, 2014) -

  • Study details advisor roadmap for transitioning from "rainmaker" to "leader" of the business to achieve growth beyond the founder's initial capacity
  • Study states that in order to wean off of dependence on the founding principal, a firm must learn to hire and compensate well to retain and incent the team appropriately
  • Study outlines how to draft plan with unlimited upside potential to attract talented professionals 

Exencial Wealth Advisors released a new case study via the aRIA group today, with a focus on staff compensation. In the 4th of a 6 part case study series, author John Burns examines his firm's experiences in accelerating growth via a sound compensation plan. 

Key insights in the release include:

  • Transitioning from rainmaker to leader is a long term investment that requires people and capital.
  • Linking compensation to important company and individual initiatives provides clarity and motivation for key employees.
  • Compensation growth will serve as the launch pad to develop and retain the next generation of company leadership.
  • A compensation plan with unlimited upside potential will attract talented professionals to the company, thereby enhancing existing capabilities and expanding the menu of client services.

"We evolved from $50 million to $1.25 billion in total client assets since 2002 through a combination of organic client growth and business partnership," said Burns. "To achieve this growth, we needed to develop an all-star team focused on clients, and to pay them compelling compensation versus simply deploying a system designed to maximize founding partner profitability and personal scale." 

The latest aRIA case study, in line with past thought pieces, outlines the exact problems Exencial was facing, and then describes the detailed solution deployed to address them. 

John Furey, managing member of aRIA, says: "I'm excited that Exencial is sharing their experiences on this particular topic -- hiring, hiring well, and retaining stars is one of the most critical aspects of a firm's growth and John Burns is offering a rare look under the hood, laying bare their model." 

Within the case study, which will be available for free to any advisor who wants a copy, via the aRIA website, Exencial provides the reader with the action plan they deployed, best practices for hiring and retaining and details on their own compensation plan. 

Burns concludes: "We learned that shifting the focus from personal strengths to overall firm capabilities removes a major hurdle to recruiting talented professionals with personal ambitions. Further, providing advanced company infrastructure and a competitive approach to compensation attracts advisors interested in a growth accelerator for their careers."

The study is available on the aRIA website for download, here: and copies for members of the media can be obtained by contacting 

About Exencial Wealth Advisors

Exencial Wealth Advisors is an independent registered investment advisory firm offering fee only, objective financial planning, investment management and tax planning counsel to senior corporate executives, entrepreneurs, their families and institutions. The firm strives to be a source of enduring value to clients by providing independent, unbiased and thoughtful recommendations based on their needs and objectives. Exencial serves clients from offices in Oklahoma City, OK, Plano, TX, and Old Lyme, CT.

About aRIA

aRIA, the alliance for RIAs, is a think tank study group composed of six elite RIA firms that collectively

manage more than $20 billion in client assets, and Advisor Growth Strategies, a leading consulting firm serving the wealth management industry. The group offers insight for advisors considering ways to enhance their firms' enterprise value.

Members include Brent Brodeski, CEO of Savant Capital; John Burns, Principal at Exencial Wealth Advisors; Ron Carson, CEO of Carson Wealth Management Group; Jeff Concepcion, CEO of Stratos Wealth Partners; Matt Cooper, President of Beacon Pointe Advisors; Neal Simon, CEO of Highline Wealth Management; and John Furey, Principal of Advisor Growth Strategies, LLC. The group meets regularly, releasing thought leadership pieces of interest to both independent and wirehouse advisors interested in exploring long-term growth strategies.

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