February 01, 2012 15:39 ET

Arium Announces the SourcePoint™ Debugger Packed With New Features

TUSTIN, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 1, 2012) - Arium today announced a new release of their flagship debugger, SourcePoint. Version 6.9.1 adds many features that benefit ARM developers. Companies will get product to market sooner and with higher quality than ever before.

Advanced CoreSight™ component support has been added such as Trace Memory Controller (TMC). The TMC enables real-time trace to be used cost effectively during all product development phases. The ARM Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) is fully supported as well. Engineers can use the LC-500S, Arium's low-cost run-control hardware, to access on-board ETB data on devices. Support for the Instrumentation Trace Macrocell (ITM), Program Trace Macrocell (PTM), and ARM High-performance Bus (AHB) trace accesses have been added. The code execution trace can be viewed at the source level and linked to source files for easy, context-related debugging.

"Having a code execution back trace can be extremely valuable when debugging things such as Linux kernel crashes," said Larry Traylor, CEO of Arium. "Code trace execution can make the difference in finding a problem in an hour versus a week."

With large trace buffers, post trace analysis is important. Arium offers many views enabling developers to find issues including time-related software problems. New views in SourcePoint 6.9.1 include a Code/Data tab and a graphical display of executed code. Easy to read, practical displays make debugging a lot more efficient.

Configuring a complex ARM system-on-chip that contains CoreSight can be difficult. SourcePoint 6.9.1 features sophisticated discovery technology as well as a graphical user interface for Funnel control and configuration. When ARM licensees need debug support for new devices, SourcePoint 6.9.1 dramatically improves the process and ensures time-to-market requirements.

SourcePoint 6.9.1 is available as a beta for download at:

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Arium, a privately held company headquartered in Tustin, CA, is a supplier of hardware and software development tools for ARM9, ARM11, and ARM Cortex™ devices. The company also provides a complete line of emulators supporting Intel® devices. Arium tools are used worldwide to debug embedded applications, device drivers, boot loaders, OS kernels, and Linux loadable modules and applications. Arium is a proud member of the ARM Connected Community and for many years has teamed with ARM Ltd. to offer hardware-assisted development tools. For more information about Arium, please visit

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