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Pureion The Wave

April 09, 2014 12:07 ET

Arizona Chemical Engineering Company, Pureion, Unveils "The Wave," the World's Only Chemical-Free Water Management System for Pools and Spas

"The Wave" 2014 Model Now Available to the Public; Smaller, Cost Effective, Safer and Healthier for Swimmers as It Eliminates Use of All Pool Chemicals

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwired - Apr 9, 2014) - With three U.S. patents pending in place with the United States Patents Office, Pureion, a chemical engineering company in Phoenix, Arizona, unveils the world's only chemical-free water management system for pools and spas. The 2014 model called "The Wave," is the size of a standard shoebox, can be installed in approximately ten minutes and is now available to the public. The Wave is the only system in the world that addresses all three principles of water chemistry; it sanitizes the water, balances the PH and manages the alkalinity of the water, simultaneously. Other companies' products may advertise to be "chemical-free" but only address one principle, so chemicals are still needed to address the other two. The Wave's advanced technology manages all three foundations of water chemistry concurrently.

After more than 16 years of scientific trials in creating a healthier alternative in managing pool water without chemicals, Pureion's founder, RJ Wagner, a chemical engineer, discovered a process to harness the power of ions, to absorb and eliminate all organic matter that exists in all pools and spas. The Wave eradicates the use of all harmful chemicals, irritants, and allergens that cause aggravation and inflammation to the eyes, skin, nose and other soft membrane areas of the body.

Wagner explains the process, "Simply put, the ions that are being produced by The Wave are released into the pool water. The organic matter in the pool, like algae and harmful bacteria, inhale these ions. The ions then destroy the organic matter and then dissipate or evaporate."

The Pureion Wave system can be installed on new pools or retrofitted to your existing pool or spa. Since Pureion Wave's technology manages water without chemicals, the water is safer and healthier for even the most sensitive swimmers from infants to the elderly. 

Owner of one of Pureion's first models from eight years ago, Dan Clancy of Peoria, Arizona, says he and his wife will never use any other system. "It's like swimming in pure fresh water; no odor, no taste, just very relaxing and soothing water to the skin and eyes." (Click here to read Wave testimonials)

Dave Brandenburg, owner of Brandenburg Pools, a Scottsdale custom pool builder, has been using Pureion's Wave for his customers for years. "I'm excited that The Wave is finally accessible to all pool owners. Your pool water will be unbelievably clean and crystal-clear." 

The Wave is also energy efficient and will cut the 220 volt pump running time by at least 50% from a standard use of 8 to 10 hours a day to 4 to 5 hours per day. The Wave eliminates all salt and chlorine products that homeowners use today. Wagner estimates with the savings in energy cost and the elimination of all pool chemical purchase, the system will pay for itself in approximately two years. 

The Wave system retails for $2,495 and includes a step-by-step installation manual for the owner for their new or existing pool and spa. A certified Pureion technician is also available through Pureion's tech support department.

For more information on The Wave by Pureion, visit or call 602.730.6052 for a FREE pool review visit in the Metro Phoenix area. The Wave is also available for commercial use and will eliminate the extreme use of chemicals in resorts, hotels, and water parks.

About Pureion:

The Wave technology was realized in 1998, refined for homeowner use in 2008 to the current model by chemical engineer, RJ Wagner. After watching a documentary about children dying of dysentery due to the lack of safe drinking water, Katherine Wagner challenged her husband to invent a portable filtration system that can clean any water source in remote areas. During this process, Wagner discovered a way to make his pool water safer and chemical-free for their visiting grandchildren. After 16 years of development and investing their life's savings, the latest version of The Wave was invented. Today, the system is efficiently designed, manufactured in the U.S. and priced competitively to provide an affordable and safer option for all pool and spa owners. RJ Wagner and his team are still committed in developing a portable, water filtration system to purify water sources in remote parts of the world.

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