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November 01, 2011 12:35 ET

Arizona Livescan, Phoenix's Only Walk-In Digital Fingerprinting Service, Offers Free Reprints to Those Who Qualify

Arizona Livescan Will Digitally Reprint All Competitor Rejects for Free to Anyone With Their Fingerprint Return Notice and Original Receipt

PHOENIX, AZ--(Marketwire - Nov 1, 2011) - Arizona Livescan is excited to announce the launch of their computer-verified fingerprinting service in Phoenix. For the tens of thousands of people across Arizona seeking employment, licensing, or admittance into an educational program requiring fingerprinting clearance, getting fool-proof fingerprinting in a timely, efficient manner is crucial.

Livescan technology provides immediate computerized verification of fingerprint quality, virtually eliminating rejected prints and avoiding the unnecessary delays associated with ink-based fingerprints. With livescan rejection rates at less than one percent, frustrated applicants will no longer miss their window of interviewing or employment opportunity due to rejected fingerprints.

"As more applicants are introduced to our computerized fingerprinting services, we will minimize rejection rates and help applicants avoid delays in their application process," says CEO and Founder Paula Wilson, referring to the Arizona state-issued Fingerprint Clearance Card. Rejection rates for ink fingerprint cards reached 15.7 percent in Fiscal Year 2010, or more than 18,000 that year, according to Joe Cesko, Acting Director of the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) Unit of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Because of its commitment to the industry, Arizona Livescan offers an unparalleled fingerprint guarantee: Arizona Livescan will digitally reprint all competitor rejects for free with their fingerprint return notice and original receipt. "We stand behind the quality of our service and hold ourselves to the highest standards in the fingerprinting industry," says Wilson. "We are so confident in the quality of our livescan service that we are willing to help those whose fingerprints were rejected, even if they had them done elsewhere. We are certain that once they experience the ease and accuracy of livescan fingerprinting, they will think of us first next time."

"We take the human error out of fingerprinting. Livescan technology requires no ink, reinking, or retabs to cover up smudges," states Wilson. "It's as easy as pressing your fingers on a small glass window. Our livescan systems are also equipped to pull the demographic data of the applicant by swiping their driver's license, eliminating long forms to fill out." Fingerprint images may be electronically transmitted or printed on standard FBI-certified fingerprint cards.

Arizona Livescan provides a consistent experience with accurate results that referring agencies can count on. "Applicants who are referred to their local law enforcement agency for fingerprinting may not be aware that many have limited hours or do not offer public fingerprinting at all," Wilson states. "Arizona Livescan is a convenient, customer service oriented alternative to going to the police booking room for fingerprinting."

For more information on Arizona Livescan or to see if you qualify for a free reprint, please visit or call 602-246-3444.

About Arizona Livescan:

Arizona Livescan, located in Phoenix, AZ, is a digital fingerprinting agency offering fingerprinting services for people seeking employment, licensing, or admittance into an educational program, as well as adoption and gun permits. Arizona Livescan was created to fill a need in the Phoenix Metropolitan area by offering a convenient walk-in fingerprinting service using the most accurate and trusted technology in the fingerprinting industry.

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