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W2 Energy, Inc.

October 12, 2010 09:15 ET

Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy Buys Renewable Energy Engine System From W2 Energy

TORONTO--(Marketwire - October 12, 2010) -  W2 Energy, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTWO) is pleased to announce that The Arizona Research Institute for Solar Energy (AzRISE) has purchased a 10 kilowatt rotary SteamRay engine and generator system which will convert compressed air, natural gas and water vapor into electricity.

AzRISE ( will be combining this 10 kilowatt engine with a compressed air system which will convert solar energy into 600 psi compressed air and store it in above-ground tanks. When the stored energy is needed, the compressed air will be blended with natural gas and water vapor. This blend of gases will then be fed into a Plasmatron low temperature gasifier, converted into syngas, and then burned in a SteamRay rotary engine which has been designed to run on combustion gases. The SteamRay will drive the 10 kilowatt generator.

"This compressed air system will be able to store solar and wind power cost effectively. It will also store electricity at night when utilities are practically giving the energy away, and then release it during peak hours when it is most expensive," says Dr. Joe Simmons, AzRISE Director. "The applications are nearly limitless."

"We think this is a beautiful use of the NT Plasmatron and SteamRay technologies," says Mike McLaren, President and CEO of W2 Energy. "We are thrilled to work with AzRISE to develop this brand new energy storage technology."

W2 Energy has already built one such engine system and has been operating it successfully at their factory. W2 Energy has completed construction of the AzRISE system and will ship to AzRISE in Tucson, Arizona on the campus of the University of Arizona once final testing has been done.

AzRISE will attach the W2 Energy engine system to a compressed air system which will use solar power to fill high pressure air tanks during sunny hours, and will then draw off the compressed air for power production at any time. AzRISE is constructing this compressed air storage and conversion system under the funding and auspices of a United States Department of Energy grant and an Arizona Science Foundation grant given to fund the development of more cost effective and efficient forms of renewable energy storage and conversion.

This system can also be used for energy storage from non-renewable sources such as coal and nuclear power. According to Dr. Simmons, this system has a variety of small and large commercial applications.

About AzRISE

AzRISE, a global institute at the University of Arizona, creates multi-disciplinary partnerships that integrate research, economics and education. Spanning academia, industry and government, these partnerships are creating the solar energy innovations essential to securing a sustainable future. The Institute was created in 2007 to provide the leadership for selecting strategic directions for research, development and analysis, for enabling the formation of strategic teams and for guiding activities that will accelerate the adoption and deployment of solar energy in the state, nation and world.

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