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The Sports Science Center

April 16, 2015 07:00 ET

Arizona's Sports Science Center to Launch Sales of the RunRite System on Kickstarter

World's First Wearable Running Technique and Biomechanics Coach

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - April 16, 2015) - The Arizona-based Sports Science Center announced today it has teamed up with NBC Sports radio personality Zig Ziegler to create the RunRite System (, the world's first wearable device which gives runners a solution guaranteed to impact running performance and reduce running-related injuries. 

Launching for sale May 6, 2015 on the crowd funding website, the RunRite System is the first and only wearable system runners can use to analyze their actual running technique. Users will also receive customized exercises based on an evaluation of their body's muscle strengths, weaknesses, and technique.

"The last thing the world needs is another wearable tracking device that gives athletes a lot of data to analyze," said Ziegler. "Athletes don't need more data so they can guess at solutions. A wearable device that is going to benefit an athlete needs to offer the solution. Our RunRite System is not just a sensor, it's a system, which analyzes the data and tells you exactly what it means."

Known to athletes and listeners as 'The Sports Kinesiologist', Ziegler added, "Athletes have been waiting for something like our system since the 'wearables' industry exploded two years ago."

As the RunRite sensors communicate data to the software, complex algorithms analyze the data and look for strengths and weaknesses in the athlete based on the kinesiology and biomechanics of the athlete's body. The RunRite System is sophisticated enough to identify exactly what any athlete needs to do to improve sports performance. 

In addition to hosting a weekly show, Fitness from the Ground Up on NBC Sports Radio AM 1060 in Phoenix (, Ziegler has been using wearable technology to help athletes for nearly 20 years. Athletes Ziegler has worked with include Shaquille O'neal, Anquan Boldin, Ryan Howard and hundreds more.

"I've always known I had an imbalance in my body causing pain and injuries and affecting my performance," said Ironman triathlon champion Amanda "Doc" Stevens. "This system can help athletes by recommending exactly what to do to impact the data and improve performance."

Former NFL star Jamir Miller, who has watched the development of the RunRite System as an advisor to the company said, "The RunRite System is amazing! You don't just get data, the RunRite System provides a solution to help every runner improve by analyzing the results of your technique. As a former professional athlete, this is something I believe every athlete can use to improve their body." 

A limited number of RunRite Systems for Windows, iPhone, and Android devices, will go on sale the morning of May 6, 2015 on Kickstarter. Two versions of the RunRite System are available: RunRite PRO for the health and fitness professional or sports coach; and the RunRite-PC (Personal Coach) for the individual athlete. 

The RunRite System is different from other wearables. The first wearable devices became widely popular even though they were simply glorified step counters. Now, some devices track sleep patterns, muscle contractions, and most will try to motivate you with verbal feedback. All of the current devices were created by scientists, with a passion for technology and sports.

The RunRite System was created by athletes and trainers, for athletes based on the results of research conducted by Ziegler and his team of trainers and biomechanists. 

"We are athletes, coaches, and trainers first, then we analyzed the results of over 50,000 athletes over the past 15 years," Ziegler added. "Those results showed we can't just count steps or max out our bodies then bandage them with kinesiology tape. Our bodies are falling apart and in this country, we have plateaued when it comes to running performances. The RunRite System was created to identify the flaws in any athlete and help them improve the dysfunction present, which affects performance. "

Many trainers believe they can just yell to motivate an athlete to run faster. It doesn't work if there is something affecting the running technique. The RunRite System is the first wearable capable of telling exactly 'why' you are not fast or strong, and 'why' you have poor technique. When a RunRite training or testing session is completed, the system generates a list of exercises targeting the areas of your body that need to be stretched, strengthened, or both.

The Sports Science Center will also release the results of their research in the coming weeks to help athletes understand what has gone into creating this game changing wearable sports performance system. Including a fact that ninety-two percent (92%) of runners who implemented their exercises recommended by the system improved by an average of greater ten percent (10%).

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