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June 11, 2009 11:22 ET

Arkansas' Patriotic Flag Season Is Here... Out Comes the Red, White, and Blue

LITTLE ROCK, AR--(Marketwire - June 11, 2009) - With Memorial Day behind us and two other patriotic "flag" holidays on the horizon, the flag season has officially started. Already red, white and blue decorations can be seen up and down the main streets of America.

American Flag Day (June 14th) will be the next patriotic holiday... followed by July 4th, our nation's Independence Day.

Kerry McCoy, owner of Arkansas', says, "This time of year brings out the flag etiquette questions. 'How do I display my flag?'"

Do you know the proper way to display an American flag off your porch? The US flag always goes to the right. This concept can be tricky. When looking at your home or business from the street, the flag will look to be on the left because it is the flag's right. So pretend you are the flag on your porch looking out at the street, now put the flag on your right. That is its proper place.

Kerry says, "Many times I go to a school, church or a patriotic event and gaze upon the stage only to find the event planner has placed the American flag on the audience's right, when it should be on the audience's left. If the flags are your responsibility, take a moment to educate yourself on their proper display"

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