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November 30, 2011 10:00 ET

Arlington Veterinarian Announces New Website for Pet Owners

ARLINGTON, WA--(Marketwire - Nov 30, 2011) - Arlington veterinarian, Dr. Tim Cavanagh, at All Creatures Veterinary Service has announced a brand new website for use by area pet owners. This website features a wealth of information about animal health, the animal vet clinic itself, and many important veterinary terms. It also offers interactivity features for pet owners including games for kids, funny animal videos, Facebook connections, and a pet memorial page. A free website membership feature delivers pet wellness information to subscribers' email inboxes. The staff at All Creatures Veterinary Service intends to use this page as a way to educate area pet owners. The brand new animal hospital website can be viewed at

All Creatures Veterinary Service of Arlington, Washington recently announced the launch of their brand new website, aimed at providing useful information to area pet owners. The website (viewable at is designed to allow these owners the ability to find out health information, veterinary hospital information, pet care tips, and more.

Clinic veterinarian Dr. Cavanagh said, "We have redesigned our website to be very user friendly and educational. Our veterinary clinic is dedicated to keeping pets healthy and one way we can do that is to make sure that pet owners have access to good information about pet health."

Pet owners can view veterinary terms, find out about causes of specific health symptoms, and help determine when it is appropriate to bring the pet to an animal vet clinic. Those new to pet ownership can find out where to locate a new animal (shelters, pet stores, breeders, etc.) and what to do once they have been brought home. The veterinary hospital also offers tips for when to schedule regular health exams for each animal, the benefits of proper vaccination schedules, and other pertinent information.

The new website for the animal hospital contains several user interactive features, such as a pet memorial page where animal owners can share tales of beloved pets whom have passed on. An interactive area also allows visitors to share a bit of entertainment, through funny animal videos and online pet themed games. Keeping in tradition with the new phenomenon of social media, All Creatures Veterinary Service's website also links directly to their Facebook page. Veterinary hospital website viewers can also subscribe to a free website membership, allowing them to receive valuable pet health information directly to their email inbox.

Of course, the new website for All Creatures Veterinary Service also lists information about the services provided by the animal hospital. This includes many general veterinary care procedures, such as pet surgery, pet dental, spay and neuter, and vaccinations. They also treat many health emergencies, depending on the severity and circumstance.

Those interested in further information about All Creatures Veterinary Service can contact the animal vet clinic via their website (

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