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August 30, 2011 11:00 ET

Armorize Technologies, Inc. Releases Free Community Edition of Its Source Code Analysis Tool to Benefit Non-Commercial and Educational Users

Armorize Launches a Free Version of Its CodeSecure Source Code Analysis Solution Providing Non-Commercial Users New Tools to Preempt Global Cyber-Threats

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Aug 30, 2011) - Armorize Technologies Inc., a global leader in web application security solutions, has released a free version of its source code analysis solution, CodeSecure, which caters to non-commercial, educational, and individual use.

In response to increasing global web malware threats documented by both Armorize and researchers throughout the security community, Armorize has released a free community version of CodeSecure to the non-commercial space. This community version is intended to help users combat web malware and prevent web attacks by assisting vulnerability remediation efforts at the source code level.

"Today's Web applications are malware invitations, riddled with insecure code that hackers thrive on," said Wayne Huang, CEO of Armorize, "because of this Armorize has made a notable contribution to the security community by providing versions of CodeSecure which meet the needs of non-commercial organizations, as well as SMB and Enterprises alike."

According to a Web Application Security Statistics report published by WASC (The Web Application Security Consortium) "...automatic scanning detected up to 86% sites with one or some vulnerabilities..."1 and white box analysis tools such as source code analysis "...detect up to 91 vulnerabilities per web application..."2 illustrating the size and scope of the security problem that is ubiquitous across all industries and all segments of the market.

The newly released, CodeSecure Community Edition, provides security researchers, developers and the open-source community with a powerful new solution capable of pinpointing web app source code vulnerabilities, which was previously only available to enterprise level customers with large security budgets.

In addition to the free version that's now available on Armorize's official website, Armorize has created several affordable price models which are aimed to provide a commercial offering to small-medium businesses and small software development houses. These low-price models give SMBs access to effective, enterprise grade solutions necessary to harden their web applications, making them more resilient to web malware and web application attacks.


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