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February 18, 2016 08:00 ET

Armorway Introduces Trust™, Adaptive Protection Against Insider Threats

Trust Turns Routine Internal Security Checks Into Reliable Threat Detection and Deterrence

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - February 18, 2016) -   Armorway, as part of its ongoing effort to deter and intercept threats, today introduced Trust™, a security solution designed to address damaging activities within an organization. The company will be meeting with partners and customers at the RSA Conference in San Francisco later this month, highlighting a timely need for organizations to reevaluate their security practices and susceptibility to both cyber and internal breaches.

Trust is built on top of the patented Armorway AI technology platform that designs a path for a secure future. Armorway solutions reduce the time organizations spend on investigating and responding to active incidents. The AI platform enables them to become more proactive with respect to insider threats, ranging anywhere from data theft to physical crime.

In looking at the problem of insider threats, one only has to see how companies use building access cards data. With any major company, possible security breaches can come from employees, contractors, vendors and more. Due to their familiarity with the company's operations, the perpetrators know exactly where a company is most vulnerable and how to take advantage of it.

Armorway CEO and Co-Founder Zareh Baghdasarian said, "Companies today need to look inward as much as outward when it comes to potential threats, as a myriad of sabotage and attacks are classified as 'inside jobs' or instigated by current employees. Trust enables organizations to be more proactive, providing higher deterrence and better detection."

He added, "Internal threats don't just include employees -- they include vendors, contractors and other personnel. Tracking all of these people can get complicated, and due to their familiarity with the company's operations, the perpetrators know exactly where a company is most vulnerable and how to take advantage of it."

Armorway CTO and Co-Founder Manish Jain said, "Trust is consistent with Armorway's dedication to helping our customers always make the right decisions. Our systems are constantly evolving and able to learn like humans, just faster."

Every security-minded organization in the world depends on knowledge, resources and predictive data to mitigate security threats. Most solutions today give organizations the data, but stop short of presenting them with the solution.

Armorway uses cognitive analytics (behavioral, predictive and competitive) to anticipate the adaptive behavior of adversaries to create a truly protective security infrastructure.

"We assist organizations solve some of the most complex problems facing society today with an AI platform that shifts the focus from response and mitigation to deterrence and detection," said Baghdasarian.

Baghdasarian cited several real-world incidents where Trust would have benefited organizations such as:

  • The mid-flight explosion of a Somali passenger jet on a course from Mogadishu to Djibouti earlier this month, where it was alleged airport workers were instrumental in placing the bomb on the aircraft.
  • The Russian airline crash in Egypt in October 2015 killing all 224 people on board. Authorities identified this as an inside job, with the terror group ISIS allegedly recruiting an airport ramp worker to plant a bomb on the plane.
  • In July 2008, a computer network administrator in San Francisco locked the city out of its own FiberWAN network, which contained confidential documents including police records. The city spent approximately $1.5 million in an unsuccessful attempt to gain access to the network.

Security organizations of all kinds spend significant time and effort responding to and investigating incidents, which are reactive processes and inconsistent with the true definition of better safety and prevention.

Trust incorporates Armorway's patented risk assessment analysis on the individual -- who they are, what he or she has access to, what security measures have been run in the past, etc. -- to identify high-risk employees and contractors and prioritize security accordingly. Trust models and builds recommendations using data from several sources -- both internal and external -- specific to the organization, using dynamic data analysis and predictive modeling to tell its customers what security measure should be performed, when and where it should be performed, and on whom it should be performed. Not only are the customer's security activities best placed to intercept threats, they are algorithmically-driven to be unpredictable, which prevents insiders from learning and exploiting gaps in your protection. 

Trust goes beyond just looking at data. It combines data with real-time environmental and situational data to provide up-to-the-moment context for risk assessments and fresh recommendations for intercepting internal threats.

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About Armorway:

Armorway provides intelligent systems that learn your environment, dynamically understanding the right decisions to make in order to protect people, communities and organizations of all sizes. Headquartered in Venice, California, Armorway was founded in 2013 and develops products that bridge the gap between data and decisions. The core technology was developed with grants from the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and the US Army Research Office.

Armorway CEO and Co-Founder, Zareh Baghdasarian, is available for introductory media meetings during the RSA Conference in San Francisco from February 29 - March 4, 2016. He can talk about founding Armorway, Armorway's vision, and its new product release, Trust.

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