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May 23, 2012 17:04 ET

Army Reservist Find's Life Work While Serving in Afghanistan

LOS ALAMITOS, CA--(Marketwire - May 23, 2012) - Travis Seung Oh, age 30, was serving in a one-year Army Reserve tour of duty in Afghanistan when he was introduced to a dedicated physician assistant serving with his squad. "I was on routine patrol when I was assigned a transport duty to accompany a local to the hospital," says Travis.

During this emergency transport, Travis was talking with Steve and learned he was a Physician Assistant. "At first I thought Steve was a medic or nurse as I was unaware of this specialized healthcare profession."

Travis' curiosity was stimulated and he began learning more about becoming a Physician Assistant and his available options once he completed his military service. He began to realize that working in the healthcare field was his calling. "I was as surprised as my family and friends were that I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare because I had received my undergraduate degree in history from UCLA," says Travis.

Upon returning home to Anaheim, CA, Travis was accepted to the Physician Assistant program at Western University of Health Science in Pomona, CA. The program requires a rigorous academic program and completing 12 clinical rotations with a variety of medical specialists in a medical office, clinic or hospital.

"While reviewing my options for my first one-month clinical rotation, I was surprised to see a urology practice on the proctor list," explains Travis. "Typically you see primary care and a few other options available for training."

Travis met Dr. Robert Pugach, Medical Director of Pacific Coast Urology Medical Center, and was interested in learning more about urological problems and advanced treatments. "Dr. Pugach is a great teacher. Every time I had questions regarding his surgeries or any kind of physiological questions, he answered thoroughly and in detail. When interesting cases came up, he always called me to observe, carefully explaining the nature of the case and his treatment techniques," says Travis.

For 24 years Dr. Pugach has donated his time training and mentoring a wide variety of health care personnel, including nurses, physician assistants and other physicians wanting specialized training. "As healthcare continues to evolve and needs more extended care professionals such as Physician Assistants, I am happy to work with students to advance their knowledge of minimally invasive urological treatments," says Dr. Pugach.

Travis completed his 4-week clinical rotation with Dr. Pugach and is scheduled to graduate this month and be ready to practice in July 2012. He's not sure what specialty he will select, but he is leaning toward family medicine. "Dr. Pugach is a great physician and teacher. He truly cares about his patients and as I come across patients that need urological consultation or treatments in the future, Dr. Pugach would be a perfect physician to whom I'll refer my patients."

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