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February 12, 2013 10:59 ET

Aromatherapy Products by Aroma Lamps and Oils Offer the Key to Create a Romantic Ambiance This Valentine's Day

Love Is in the Air, Aroma Lamps and Fragrance Oils Help Produce an Aromatic Valentine's Day Experience

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2013) - Valentine's Day is a holiday known for the celebration of love. Many couples express their love for each other by exchanging traditional Valentine's Day gifts, dinner reservations, or spending some romantic time at home or in hotels. This holiday season make a romantic evening memorable by creating a romantic ambiance using alternative aromatherapy products provided by Aroma Lamps and Oils.

Aroma lamps are ideal for creating an inviting, romantic, and relaxing environment for the home this Valentine's Day. These specialty lamps provide the calming effect of aromatherapy and can accentuate the lighting of any room. The company's products are unique due to their quality manufacturing to guarantee safety, durability, and beautifully designed aromatherapy pieces. Aroma Lamps and Oils feature a variety of tranquil products such as plug in aroma lamps, table aroma lamps, fragrance oils, accessories, and night lights. These wonderfully unique lamps are affordable with a price range of $13-$35 and are available in a variety of therapeutic and decorative benefits.

Aroma lamps function by using electric oil burners, a form of catalytic combustion that cycles air through the heat chamber. The process eliminates airborne bacteria and odors while producing a pleasant scent, ultimately creating an appealing atmosphere. These lamps are safer than scented candles since they do not require an open flame. The scents released from the aroma lamps promote therapeutic health benefits through the inhalation of fragrance oil molecules. The inhaled essential oil travels to the brain's central nervous system creating positive emotional responses, since this is the area in the brain linked to emotion. The essential oils used in aroma lamps are entirely natural and come in a variety of scents, specifically associated with common benefits.

Aroma Lamps and Oils offers the ultimate aromatherapy experience and are ideal for the home, office, and business. These electric aroma lamps can add the perfect intimate Valentine's Day touch by surrounding your home with serene fragrance.

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