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June 17, 2016 00:04 ET

Arphic Shows an Innovative Way to Access Fonts in 2016 Taipei Computex

TAIPEI, TAIWAN--(Marketwired - Jun 17, 2016) - With an eye-catching poster, Arphic did a great performance this month at Taiwan Cloud Expo in 2016 COMPUTEX. In addition to devotion to typeface design and font technology, Arphic, a Taiwan-based font foundry, always offers diversified type/font related services. iFontCloud is one of the fine services Arphic provides.

iFontCloud embraces two services: Web Font and Subscription Font . Web Font was first developed in 2013. With user-friendly interface, it's easy to be adopted to design beautiful web images with attractive fonts. When it goes with responsive web design, the optimal effect could be fully reached. On top of that, applying Web Font to your web sites dramatically improves SEO. The data volume of Chinese font files is a big concern for web designers. It's relatively large and possibly up to multi megabytes. However, Arphic's Web Font effectively compresses the file size to kilobytes and allows network transmission to be more efficient.

With widespread cloud-based technology, the other service of Arphic's iFontCloud-Subscription Font, was released in 2015. Subscription Font provides genuine font authorization and allows fonts to be downloaded from cloud to use on your computers. And through the cloud synchronization mechanism, when fonts are added or modified, users can acquire newest fonts. Some prominent features:

(1) User-friendly interface
Font files are stored on cloud and could be installed and removed quickly and easily.
(2) Authorization
In order to protect the intellectual property rights and make it convenient to use, the fonts can be used for personal or nearly most of commercial use.
(3) Effectiveness
The number of authorization can be purchased according to demands and it's easy for the administrators to manage.
(4) No need to worry about updates.

When fonts are modified or updated, users will get the newest file in real-time.

More and more attention is paid to types in Taiwan, Arphic, which is one of the leading foundries in the world, has devoted itself to typeface design and specialized in the style consistence of Chinese and Latin fonts. In the foreseeable future, Arphic will be responsible for cultural inheritance and font education for all.

About Arphic:
Arphic is one of the leading foundries in the world for typeface design and font technology. Over the past 26 years, we have devoted ourselves to the development of font related technology and the design of multi-script typefaces. We provide a total font solution for enterprises and individual users, delivering embedding fonts, custom fonts, web fonts, always aiming for the optimum user experience.

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