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Arrayit Corporation

February 18, 2010 07:00 ET

Arrayit Corporation Has Discovered a Pathway to True Health Care Reform With Pre-symptomatic Diagnostics

Proteomic Biomarkers From a Patient's Immune System Give Doctors and Patients a Fighting Chance

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - February 18, 2010) - Arrayit Corporation (OTCBB: ARYC), a leading manufacturer of products and services for disease prevention, treatment and cure, announces that the company's new proteomic biomarkers are leading the way to true pre-symptomatic diagnosis of a variety of debilitating and fatal diseases including ovarian cancer, prostate cancer and Parkinson's Disease.

Arrayit's recent discovery of proteomic biomarkers for ovarian cancer provides a roadmap for the design of new tests that can detect the presence of specific cancers and diseases long before they have become symptomatic. Unlike biomarkers that are produced by tumors and full blown disease symptoms, Arrayit's proteomic platform leverages a patient's immune response to a specific disease state, allowing doctors to get an early jump on the disease.

Arrayit President Dr. Mark Schena had this to say: "Proteomic biomarkers from a patient's immune response provide molecular beacons that enable doctors and clinicians to determine the presence of a disease well ahead of full blown deadly symptoms. Pre-symptomatic diagnosis affords doctors greater treatment options and patients a fighting chance for recovery. The larger picture of this effort is reduced health care costs through disease prevention and personalized medicine."

Arrayit, in collaboration with several of the nation's leading research centers, is developing proteomic tests for a number of diseases to affect a paradigm shift in health care.

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