SOURCE: Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

Art Blogger Leah Selakovic

October 28, 2014 03:46 ET

Art Blogger Leah Selakovic Discovers Up-And-Coming Painter Audrey Kawasaki

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2014) - Art Blogger Leah Selakovic is always looking for promising women artists and has recently shared her discovery of the emerging painter Audrey Kawasaki on her blog dedicated to supporting women in the arts. With her extensive background in literature, art, design, and fashion, Leah has developed a critical eye and the ability to identify young artists with bright futures. "Audrey Kawasaki's paintings fuse her unique vision with natural elements in a way that is both beautiful and expressive," Leah describes her first impressions of Kawasaki's paintings. The artist works on wood panels, allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through in various areas of her compositions so it becomes an integral feature of her paintings.

Kawasaki's art features women in expressive and often enigmatic poses. She renders figures in a style that is precise in its execution and displays the influence manga comics have had on her over the years. However, Kawasaki also introduces decorative elements into her works reminiscent of Art Nouveau. Viewers will see echoes of Gustav Klimt occasionally in Kawasaki's paintings. "Kawasaki's technique is flawless, and the way she incorporates a modern design aesthetic with the naturalistic decorative patterns of Art Nouveau, such as feathers, flowers and fish, makes her truly original," says Leah. "The combination of these also gives Kawasaki's art an extremely wide appeal," she adds.

"The way Kawasaki renders women evokes a wide range of emotions and sensibilities. Her subjects are young and innocent women in many ways, but there is also a theme of dreamy eroticism that runs through her work," Leah Selakovic explains. She sees Kawasaki's background in the artist's paintings, whose career started in Los Angeles, where she grew up. She studied painting at the Pratt Institute in New York City, which is widely recognized as one of the top universities in the United States, producing noted artists such as illustrator Earl Mayan of Saturday Evening Post fame and top American fashion designer Betsey Johnson.

"Kawasaki was deeply involved in manga when she was growing up," Leah explains, adding that the painter took up art as a teenager. "She has always focused on portraits and started experimenting with painting on wood when she was taking a life painting class and working with nudes," Leah adds. "She thought that the traditional canvas was too rough, so she scavenged for materials, eventually winding up with some wood planks. Kawasaki loves the flow of the wood grain through her paintings and I think it works beautifully with the female figure," Leah relates.

Before establishing herself as a top art blogger, Leah Selakovic pursued a wide range of interests, including high-tech entrepreneurial ventures with her husband, David Selakovic. She is a native of the former Republic of Yugoslavia and holds a masters degree in art and classical history. Today, Leah resides with her husband and children in Singapore. As she raised her family, she developed a passion for children's books, which inspired her to advance her career in writing. To date, she has written 20 children's books, including six that will soon be published, and has established two notable blogs that revolve around art, fashion, and design.

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