SOURCE: Art and History Expert Leah Selakovic

Art and History Expert Leah Selakovic

September 11, 2014 23:32 ET

Art Expert Leah Selakovic Blogs About Visiting Coco Chanel's Paris Apartment

SINGAPORE--(Marketwired - Sep 11, 2014) - In the latest post on her blog, author Leah Selakovic reveals details of walking through the apartment of famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. In 2013, during a trip to the Fashion Show in Paris, the Singapore-based art and history expert was lucky enough to get access to Chanel's apartment and find out how the inventor of the little black dress used to live. In her blog, Leah describes what it was like to take a glimpse into the breathtaking suite of the unforgettable icon. "From the coromandel screen to the rock crystals, to the gold accents and pairs of animals that can be found in abundance all over the apartment," Leah remembers, "every little detail is representative of Coco's personal style, capturing life and the world as she experienced it." 

While Chanel fans all over the world are curious to hear about the interior of the luxury designer's suite, fans in London are lucky to be able to see it without having to go to Paris. Sam Taylor-Johnson, director of the highly anticipated film adaption of the bestseller "50 Shades of Gray", was allowed into the halls of 32 rue Cambon to take pictures of the luxurious suite on the second floor. "Shooting at Coco Chanel's apartment was an unexpectedly absorbing experience. The essence of Chanel is firmly rooted there in all of her possessions, and I truly believe that her spirit and soul still inhabit the second floor," Taylor-Johnson revealed after her journey into the private rooms of the fashion icon. Now, her pictures are on display as a photo series called "Second Floor" which is exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

"Coco's passion for design and style could be witnessed in her apartment as well as in her clothes," Leah Selakovic explains. Replacing corsets with jersey fabrics, she revolutionized the way women dressed. Aware of the impact her clothes had on the perception and understanding of fashion, Coco remarked: "I created the most well-known style in the world," she said, "because fashion is ephemeral, but style is eternal." She was right - more than 40 years after her death, Chanel is still considered the ultimate label for classy and comfortable chic, worn by women all over the world. Having an impressive collection of elegant masterpieces from world-renowned labels, Leah Selakovic admits that the timeless and luxurious designs from Chanel are amongst her absolute favorites. 

"Coco once said 'In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different'", tells Leah Selakovic. "I believe she was not just talking about designs or style, but about a way of living, about personality and everything that comes with it," says Leah. "I find this approach inspiring and try to apply it to my own life." Judging from Leah's career, personal life and her wardrobe, she has done a great job. Coming from the former Republic of Yugoslavia, Leah studied art and history, worked in the IT field, attained the titles of NLP Master and Reiki Master and wrote a number of children's books. Now, in her role as mother, she tries to instill her idea of fearless determination into her children too. And in her capacity as compassionate philanthropist Leah is dedicated to supporting young musical and artistic talents to follow their way and reach their full potential. 

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