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April 24, 2012 09:00 ET

Artefact Launches 999Bottles Kickstarter Campaign to Bring Unique Reusable Bottle Concept to Reality

999Bottles Merges Sleek Urban Design and a Simple Mechanism to Track Positive Environmental Impact

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - Apr 24, 2012) - Artefact, the award-winning technology product design firm, whose mission is to utilize the power of design to improve people's lives, announced today that it is launching a Kickstarter campaign in order to co-fund the manufacturing process for its unique 999Bottles concept. The campaign aims to raise $99,999 which will support bringing to market 5,000 units of the 999Bottles reusable water bottle and the accompanying iPhone app. Designed to encourage people to switch away from using environmentally damaging plastic bottles by helping them track and visualize the impact of their choices, the 999Bottles bottle combines quality materials, sleek design and unique tracking mechanism and will retail for $29.

The Plastic Bottle Threat
According to CNBC, Americans buy 51 billion bottles of water a year. Approximately 40 Billion of those bottles end up in landfills or as litter jeopardizing human health and the environment. While awareness of the negative impact of plastic bottle consumption increases, convenience and lack of motivation undermines efforts to reduce consumption. Drawing from its understanding of behavioral economics, which shows that people are more likely to adopt a certain behavior if they can see the positive results associated with it, Artefact aims to encourage people to drink from reusable water bottles instead of disposable ones by helping them track and visualize the positive impact those choices can have on the environment.

999Bottles Timeless Design with a Unique Twist
999Bottles is an elegant stainless steel 24 oz bottle that will fit seamlessly with our busy lifestyle. Its clean urban look fits as easily in the office as in the car, or at the gym. 999Bottles' unique design includes three numbered dials around the base of the bottle. Every time you refill the bottle, you advance the dial a notch, adding up the number of plastic bottles you saved.

An accompanying iPhone app helps you visualize what the numbers mean, giving context to your conservation through visuals that graphically depict the positive impact and savings of your efforts, and lets you compare and share your contribution with friends through social media channels.

The 999Bottles features a rubberized plastic bottom to ensure a steady grip and prevent scratched surfaces and a generous mouth, a must-have feature for any reusable bottle that is supposed to be cleaned frequently. A cap that accommodates a lanyard adds additional convenience and makes 999Bottles easy to grab and carry along.

"While most people understand and agree that disposable bottles are expensive and harmful to the environment, many of us still succumb to their convenience," said Fernd van Engelen, Design Director at Artefact and the author of the 999Bottles concept. "With 999Bottles, our goal is to close the gap between understanding and actual behavior, and to explore ways in which, through design, we might help people see the impact of their choices and motivate them to change their behavior."

Support at Every Level through Kickstarter
Artefact is committed to bringing the 999Bottles to market at the accessible price of $29 per unit. The Kickstarter campaign goal of raising $99,999 will support the manufacturing and distribution of 5,000 units, the majority of which will go to campaign donors. Starting at $1, which gives consumers access to the 999Bottles app, pledge levels and rewards vary to include:

  • Personal 999Bottle ($29+)
  • Limited Edition 999Bottle ($49+). Featuring a unique engraved image, designed by Artefact, the 999 Limited Edition 999Bottles are available exclusively to Kickstarter supporters.
  • Family Pack ($99+). This set of four 999Bottles will get the whole family counting, teach the kids about being environmentally responsible and pool numbers on the 999bottles app.
  • Team Pack ($299+) Get a 999Bottle team together and make a real impact to the world, with a set of 12 bottles and apps to visualize the impact of the team.
  • Retail Pack ($999+) The set of forty 999Bottles is perfect for companies who want to encourage a green office, or retailers who want to increase their inventory of 21 Century Design products.

Expression of Artefact's Philosophy
Since its inception in 2006, Artefact has continuously redefined product design by incorporating principles of behavioral economics, game theory and user experience design in order to induce meaningful changes in consumer behavior, this philosophy is expressed in what they call 21st Century Design. The company is working with some of the leading names in consumer electronics, as well as software and hardware manufacturers including Amazon, HTC, Microsoft, Panasonic, Research in Motion, and Samsung Electronics. At the same time, it has continued to invest in innovative concepts designed to push the boundaries of traditional thinking with award-winning solutions such as Seattle Children's Patient Information System, Modwells - Personal Modules for Wellness, WVIL: Camera Futura and SWYP: See What You Print.

"What the 999Bottles concept tries to teach is that every little step you take counts," said Rob Girling, principal and co-founder of Artefact. "This campaign is Artefact's little step to contribute the expertise and vision of our designers to a hot, globally relevant issue such as environmental preservation."

About Artefact:
Artefact is an award-winning technology product design company dedicated to using the power of design to improve people's lives. With offices in Seattle and San Francisco and an experienced team of 40 designers, researchers and developers, Artefact is among the most innovative product design firms in the US today.

About 999Bottles:
The 999Bottles from Artefact is a reusable bottle designed to encourage people to switch to more environmentally friendly bottles by helping them see the impact of their choices. 999Bottles is an expression of Artefact's vision for 21 Century Design -- developing products and solutions, whose design encourages people to do the right thing. For more information and ongoing updates on 999Bottles please visit and like us at or follow us on Twitter (@999Bottles)

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