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April 17, 2008 08:00 ET

Artefact, LLC Launches Unprecedented Web-Based Application as New Solution for Wedding & Portrait Imaging Professionals

"Artefact Studio" Web Application Improves Bottom Line, Reduces Time Digitally Enhancing Photos

Industry Execs Introduce "Artefact, LLC," a New Company Created to Meet Business Requests of Photographers & Labs

LAS VEGAS, NV--(Marketwire - April 17, 2008) - Improving the bottom line, while reducing time digitally enhancing photos. This is just one of the unrivaled features of "Artefact Studio," a new web-based application now available to wedding and portrait imaging professionals. With a substantial financial investment made in its development, this revolutionary new software application merges the latest printing technologies with cutting-edge digital imaging software. Artefact Studio redefines expectations, providing an evolutionary system that actually tailors itself to the user's work style -- to enable easier design customization and more efficiency.

Founded to meet the business requests of photographers and labs, Artefact, LLC, is a web-based digital printing and software company recently launched by long-time photography industry executive Joshua Sieck. Artefact offers photography studios and labs a streamlined creative process that incorporates in-depth working knowledge of how both designers and photographers work.

"Photographers provide a unique service for their customers by capturing that once in a lifetime moment," says Josh Sieck, CEO of Artefact. "What we do is help them document that moment by creating the most beautiful and vibrant keepsake to last a lifetime and longer -- in the most efficient and profitable way possible."

When developing the software, Artefact worked to address gaps in the printing and software industry:

--  The industry abandonment rate for online digital image design software
    is 80%.  That means 80% of the time, users find a software program too
    complex, inefficient or inflexible -- and stop using it.
--  Most photographers say that they are forced to spend too much time at
    the computer laying out images in books or other products, instead of
    actually taking photos.  This ever-increasing time at the computer makes it
    more and more difficult to make profits.

Using their back-end expertise of both the printing and the software businesses, Artefact began a mission to create software applications to address these issues. The outcome is an evolutionary system that tailors itself to the user's work style, increasing efficiency and reducing time spent in design -- while providing customized templates and perfect color via a seven-color, high-fidelity printer. Artefact Studio keeps photographers behind a camera, not a computer, thus increasing profits.

"Artefact Studio redefines what is possible," says Tim Berwin, CMO for Artefact. "Our tools give you a new creative process where you can comfortably express yourself, without having to focus on the parts of the process that weigh you down."

Artefact's objective is to elevate the value and potential of every image -- from both an aesthetic and financial perspective. Artefact delivers the ultimate in product beauty and quality, while making a photographer's life behind a camera easier and more profitable. Here's how:

Aesthetic Elevation of Image

--  Rivals the Quality & Richness of RA4 Printing - Artefact Studio
    software empowers imaging professionals to compete with the quality and
    richness of offset printing without the RA4 printing price.
--  No Color Shifting - There is no color shifting with Artefact Studio
    digital processing software.  Every photo book, card, or novelty -- from
    the first printed to the last -- will maintain the exact color shade.
--  Unprecedented Color Management - Artefact Studio software provides
    unprecedented color management.  This means that the images will look the
    same printed as they do on the computer screen.  In fact, a computer can be
    color profiled by Artefact color management experts to ensure color seen on
    the screen, is exactly what is produced in the printed product.
--  Templates That Are Flexible - Artefact Studio offers adaptable, pre-
    built template pages that have the flexibility to showcase personal style.
    Templates and color palettes can also be built easily from scratch.  Once
    the template or color palette has the desired look, the custom templates
    can be saved with a click of the mouse.
--  Customization - Artefact books enable imaging professionals to
    organize, customize and preserve images to individual specifications.
    Treasured photos can be showcased and captions can be added -- a level of
    personalization that is not possible with standard photo albums.
--  Quality & Workmanship - Empowered by the union of old world
    craftsmanship and modern technology, Artefact workmanship is the finest in
    the industry.  Devoted craftsmen, working in an environment rich with
    knowledge and experience, create each unique book.  The skill of our book
    binders, as well as the meticulous care of our equipment, ensures the
    quality and longevity of Artefact products.
--  Beauty, Functionality & Longevity - Artefact books, cards and
    novelties are produced using custom-designed, milled paper.  Combining
    delicate beauty with heavy-weight vellum stock, Artefact books are a
    perfect union of artistry and functionality.  Top-grain, hand-cut leathers
    are used.  With Artefact books, form and function meet to create an
    appealing, yet enduring elegance.

Financial Elevation of Image

--  More Customers, Better Marketing - Artefact Studio enhances marketing
    efforts to current and future clients.  This web-based tool ensures that
    previous customers return to the imaging professional, not the online
    printer, for future business.  In addition, information from orders is
    captured exclusively for the imaging professional to use for marketing
    purposes.  This software even provides online marketing pieces (such as
    postcard and direct mail design) and helps determine audience and pricing
--  More Copies Sold - Artefact books can be mass produced in almost any
    size.  The portability of the book, plus the amount of copies that can be
    produced, allow the customer to easily share memories with family and
    friends in ways that were not possible in the past.
--  More Photography Time, Less Computer Time - Artefact Studio's
    evolutionary system actually tailors itself to the user's work style --
    getting smarter with each click of the mouse -- to enable easier design
    customization and more efficiency.
--  Design Efficiency - Design and photography are two creative, yet
    different, skill sets.  Understanding this, Artefact software designers
    developed tools to compensate for the differences in how each work.  This
    highly functional web-based application allows those who wish to reduce
    time spent designing, to easily develop template and color palettes.  For
    those who like to design pages, the flexibility is there to do so, quickly
    and efficiently.
--  Seven-Color Press - Through Artefact's seven-color, high-fidelity
    digital press, the company is effectively redefining the level of color
    purity in the printing industry.  Artefact's ability to add additional
    colors for wider gamut printing processes meticulously enhances color
    resolution and accuracy for unparalleled results.
--  Superior Asset Management System - Everything created in Artefact
    Studio can be stored on the Artefact site.  This allows photographers to
    come back and print additional copies of the books, cards and novelties,
    increasing the profitability of each product.
--  Fast Turnaround - Because of Artefact's state-of-the-art bindery
    process, proprietary workflow and digital technology, Artefact books, cards
    and novelties ship in less than 10 days.  In fact, if an order ships on the
    11th day, the product is free.  This is a remarkable difference from
    traditional albums, which can take many months.

At Artefact, customer service and feedback is paramount. The company was founded based on feedback and input from customers over the years. Artefact's team of craftsmen -- comprised of photographers, designers, marketing professionals and software developers -- make it easier for customers to get answers and overcome challenges quickly. In addition, Artefact provides a customer support line (located in Iowa, USA), offers an online chat room, and boasts an online training site.

Tours of the state-of-the-art Artefact facility in Las Vegas are available by appointment by calling Tim Berwin at (314) 614-8352. Artefact's Las Vegas facility is located at 4580 Hacienda Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89118.

Photographers offering Artefact Studio products in cities around the U.S. can be found by going online to or by calling (866) 900-9878.

About Artefact

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Artefact, LLC provides products and services that encourage image preservation and supports professionals whose livelihood is driven by the appreciation of image. In that, Artefact looks to elevate the value of the digital image and foster the notion that every image has historical worth. Artefact enables imaging professionals to reproduce perfect color and create elegant photo layouts, ultimately creating the most captivating keepsake books, cards and novelties in the industry -- all for a price well below the cost of traditional photo albums. The company uses HP Indigo printers -- offering the highest digital printing resolution in the industry -- ensuring its customers of the quality and longevity of their products. For more information, go to

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