SOURCE: Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc.

October 28, 2013 14:33 ET

Artemis Energy Holdings (ARTT) Announces to Add OAuth Features to Enable Visitors to Sign Into Link My Fan With Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Live and Google+ Credentials

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Oct 28, 2013) - Link My Fan, a Social Networking Content Management Platform owned by Artemis Energy Holdings (OTC Pink: ARTT), is opening its platform to members of Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Live and Google+. Account holders at these popular social media sites will now be able to sign in to Link My Fan using their existing userid and password on any of these sites, according to Ray Firth, ARTT CEO.

OAuth, also known as Open standard for Authorization, is a widely implemented standard that enables authorization from third-party service providers. This enables members of these social media sites to easily sign into Link My Fan without revealing their login details for these sites. Visitors will log into their accounts on these social media sites, and an authorization token will be returned to Link My Fan which will associate the visitor with a Link My Fan account and grant access to the user to post content inside Link My Fan. Once members are authenticated, either by a Link My Fan local sign in, or by sign in through OAuth from other social media sites, members will be able to fully utilize the Link My Fan platform to post content in the Right Now section, add pictures, upload music, videos from YouTube and Vimeo, connect with Fans, exchange messages with other members, and share anything they have posted in Right Now to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Microsoft Live.

The purpose of adding OAuth authorization is to simplify the process of accessing and maintaining a Link My Fan account for visitors who prefer not to create and remember yet another set of account login credentials. Link My Fan is an open platform. You do not need to be a member to view Link My Fan content. An account is required only to post content.

The benefit of Link My Fan's open approach is that search engines have access to all content posted by members. This yields improved search results for member content, and makes it easier to reach a wider audience than only your immediate friends and followers. The "Share This" feature in the Link My Fan Right Now enables members to share their Right Now with friends on Facebook, Tweet their posts to their Twitter Followers, and easily share posts to Google+.

Todd Davis of Link My Fan states, "Adding the Open Auth is a no brainer with over a billion members throughout the world utilizing the four sites listed, making it easy for any of those members joining Link My Fan -- this is only going to help us attract new members."

To join Link My Fan prior to the OAuth launch in Link My Fan, people can go to LinkMyFan, create an account, add a picture and begin posting great content. After OAuth implementation, a visitor can simply sign in to his, or her, existing social media account, and a Link My Fan account will automatically be created and associated with that social media account. There will no need for members to create separate Link My Fan logins if they prefer not to.

Link My Fan is for individuals, artists, businesses, celebrities and athletes who want a platform that consolidates most, if not all, of their content they are putting on the web on a variety of websites. This makes it easier for your Fans (Friends, Family, and Customers) to see what you want them to see in your Link My Fan hub.

The Link My Fan "Right Now" is a status update feature that lets members easily post updates that can include multiple content elements -- pictures, video, press releases and links to websites -- and an update message of up to 6000 characters. The Right Now "Share This" feature enables members to quickly and easily share a Right Now with friends on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and to various bookmarking sites. The Right Now is a perfect way for members to get wider distribution for their press releases distributed through TransWorldNews and WooEB. Both of these networks are also owned by Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. (ARTT). All of this helps leverage the power of social media to bring traffic to your updates and your Link My Fan hub where everything about you can be in one place.

Link My Fan anticipates the OAuth feature to be live within the next 10 days.

About Artemis Energy Holdings:
Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. owns and operates, Link My Stock, Inc., and Artemis Energy is focused on the development of monetized internet based web products that increase brand awareness of both private and public companies through its press release distribution site and its Financial Networking Platform With the recent completion of the latest acquisitions and Artemis Energy Holdings will look to increase membership through artists, celebrities, athletes, and brands in an effort to attract their customers and fan base.

Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. is continuing to develop new applications and services to increase the interactive capabilities between businesses on these platforms and their audience.

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