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September 16, 2013 12:32 ET

Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: ARTT) Announced Today That It Has Entered Into a Definitive Agreement to Acquire

ATLANTA, GA--(Marketwired - Sep 16, 2013) - Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC PINK: ARTT) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire is an online social networking platform that allows members to post an array of content on the Link My Fan open platform to increase the reach of the content posted throughout the world. The Link My Fan platform can be viewed by non members. People are not required to have an account on Link My Fan to view other members' content. Content can include pictures, news releases, blogs, events, videos, status updates and audio files. Audio files can range from music from artists to a CEO conference call. The agreement would bring into Artemis Energy Holding, Inc.'s portfolio of websites that currently include Link My Stock and TransWorldNews. Artemis Energy recently announced a definitive agreement to acquire

The addition of LinkMyFan will provide diversity within the Artemis Energy portfolio to go after a wide demographic of members that want to share content to reach a wider audience in an open platform versus a sign in site while also providing a social networking environment.

Link My Fan on July 18th, 2013 updated their status update that now includes the ability to post in one post multiple +elements. A +element is content that can be included in one status update post. Currently members posting to Link My Fan can include a picture gallery, a video, a link to a website, a news release, an audio file and up to 1000 characters describing the post. The benefits of doing a post with more than one +element is the engagement of people who see the post tend to share it more than a post with one element. With Link My Fan being an open platform, anyone who can see a status update on Link My Fan can share it to Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and a multitude of bookmarking sites causing the status update to reach more people.

Link My Fan is focusing on developing tools that will benefit businesses, the film industry, the music industry, sports teams from Jr. High School to the Professional level to be able to reach their customers and fan base regardless of whether they are a member or not. Link My Fan also wants the individual that is looking for a different experience when sharing content. Sharing content is very important and a very big part of Social Networking -- to be able to put an array of content inside of your Link My Fan page makes it much easier for an individual to have one central account, i.e. Link My Fan to post things into and from there share it to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other accounts. The reason behind this is the experience of the person looking at the content no longer has to go to multiple sites and create multiple accounts to see a video on one site, pictures on another, an event on yet a different site and so on.

The agreement calls for the acquisition of the assets of Link My Fan, Inc., WooEB, Inc., which is, and its technology, along with its members.

Tom Powers of Artemis Energy Holdings stated, "Link My Fan has been doing amazing over the past 8 weeks -- the traffic rank on Alexa has broken into the Top 13,000 in the United States with the first launch of the new status update platform. With the recent addition of Refer Me and the upcoming features Link My Fan will be rolling out we are very encouraged that traffic will continue to increase and through that we will increase revenue through advertising and some unique options we are looking into developing. We also are very optimistic that when we improve our Mobile design more people will be utilizing Link My Fan when they are on the go. We are really looking forward to bringing Link My Fan into Artemis Energy Holdings and leveraging some of the technology developed with our other sites."

Tom Janes stated, "In considering acquiring Link My Fan one of the factors we could not ignore is the potential this acquisition could have for our shareholders. When reviewing other sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Groupon and Tumblr we were astonished at the support these companies have received when it comes to valuation. Taking that into account we think that by adding Link My Fan and creating revenue streams through it we are optimistic that this could improve the overall market cap of Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. for our shareholders."

Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc.

Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. owns and operates TransWorldNews and Link My Stock, Inc. Artemis Energy is focused on the development of internet based web products to increase brand awareness of both privately held and public companies through its news and press release distribution site TransWorldNews and its business social networking platform

Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. is continuing to develop new applications and services to increase the interactive capabilities between businesses on these platforms and their audience.

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