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February 24, 2015 09:09 ET

Artemis pCell Achieves 35X LTE Spectral Efficiency

pCell White Paper Released Detailing Record-Shattering Performance; Artemis I Hub Available for U.S./International Mobile Operator pCell Trials on iPhone, Android and iPad; pCell Trials Planned With VenueNext at Live Venues to Demonstrate Breakthrough Capabilities; DISH Will Lease Spectrum to Artemis in Simultaneous Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2015) - pCell pioneer Artemis Networks today announced that pCell™ technology not only is achieving 35X the spectral efficiency of conventional LTE networks, but Artemis simultaneously announced the availability of the Artemis I Hub for trials, to enable mobile operators and venue-owners throughout the world to try out pCell technology for themselves and see what it is like to increase the capacity of spectrum by a factor of 35X or more, using off-the-shelf iPhone, Android and iPad LTE devices.

While the most advanced conventional LTE networks average 1.7 bps/Hz in spectral efficiency, pCell achieves an average of 58 bps/Hz (over 800 Mbps in 20 MHz of spectrum), a 35X leapfrog, perhaps the largest single capacity advance in the history of wireless.

The pCell team is excited to release a comprehensive pCell White Paper, not only detailing the radical approach to wireless that enables pCell's breakthrough performance results, but for the first time shares practical details about pCell deployment and operational costs from pCell trial learnings, as well as the first disclosed details of future LTE-spectrum compatible pCell technology, such as multi-gigabit, sub-millisecond latency, low-power mobile supercomputing services for virtual- and augmented-reality headsets. The white paper and new video demo are available at

In a separate press release, Artemis announced a DISH spectrum lease today.

Artemis is also delighted to announce that VenueNext, the mobile services provider for Levi's Stadium, and other venues throughout the world, will be trialing pCell in high-density, high-traffic venues, to enable concurrent usage by 10s of thousands of fans of HD video-rich services and high-bandwidth upstreaming of images and HD video.

"pCell solves the core challenge for venues in the mobile era: supporting skyrocketing data demand at high user densities," said John Paul, CEO and Founder of VenueNext. "We're excited to trial pCell, to not only provide reliable broadband service to every seat in the house, but to enable a new era of venue applications and services that would not be possible with conventional wireless technology."

The Artemis I Hub is available for venue and indoor trials on a select basis. Typically, it takes just a day to set up for testing. Since pCell is a pure software-defined radio (SDR) system, everything, including a full LTE implementation and baseband processing is implemented in software on just three servers. The Artemis I Hub connects through coax to up to 32 antennas that can be placed anywhere in the coverage area. Since it is frequency-agile from 600 MHz to 6 GHz, mobile operators and venue owners can test in whatever spectrum is available to them with iOS or Android devices, or with standard LTE test equipment. In 20 MHz of spectrum, the Artemis I Hub achieves over 800 Mbps of consistent throughput to LTE devices in the coverage area, even in densely-packed scenarios.

"35X LTE, Artemis I Hub, pCell White Paper, spectrum lease and VenueNext trials -- today is certainly pCell's coming out party," said Steve Perlman, Artemis founder and CEO. "It's great to see pCell step out into the world with a White Paper detailing how pCell works and is deployed, and to announce availability of the Artemis I Hub, enabling operators and venue owners to give pCell a try for themselves. And, of course, we're incredibly excited about the partners we've announced today who share Artemis' vision of a future with ubiquitous, reliable high-performance connectivity everywhere."

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Artemis Networks LLC ( is the pioneer of pCell technology, a breakthrough approach to wireless that consistently delivers full-speed data rate to every mobile device concurrently, regardless of how many users are sharing the same spectrum at once. Founded by technology pioneer Steve Perlman in early 2000s, and incubated for over a decade by Steve's San Francisco-based Rearden Companies incubator (, pCell technology is protected by a broad portfolio of fundamental patents in the United States and internationally.

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