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June 08, 2015 08:00 ET

Article One Partners Launches New "AOP Connect" Client Interface

New Dashboard Integrates Enhanced Tools to Provide Clients Unparalleled Research Experience and Results

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 8, 2015) - Article One Partners (AOP), the world's largest intellectual property research community, today officially launched their latest online platform feature: AOP Connect. The platform, a unique online portal that allows AOP clients unprecedented access to their research results and offers secure interaction with global researchers, is the industry-leading interface and the first of its kind.

"We're excited to continue to build the partnership and value equation for our great clients and to extend the ROI on the investments they make every day on intellectual property research," said Peter Vanderheyden, President of Article One Partners. "AOP Connect brings IP research and results into the world of today's technology."

Traditional prior art search firms simply cannot match the capabilities of AOP Connect; while traditional firms typically provide a static document outlining research results, AOP Connect provides interactive engagement opportunities with the results of the research project at all stages of their industry leading iterative process. With features like AOP Rank to automatically gauge relevance of research content and a Study Dashboard to review backgrounds of participating researchers at a glance, AOP Connect provides clients an incredibly interactive and efficient research platform.

While results from past research are typically forgotten or difficult to access, AOP Connect offers the ability to leverage results of all of a client's previous AOP Studies for new purposes. Past results can provide helpful insights in the light of new research needs. With AOP Connect, the full corpus of a client's past work can be searched, reviewed, and utilized even years later; the research references are not perishable.

"Designed with feedback from hundreds of clients, AOP Connect is a major leap forward in our client experience," said Eric Baer, Vice President of Product at Article One Partners. "AOP Connect has been designed to make client teams more efficient in the prior art review process."

By using enhanced reviewing tools and annotation options, AOP Connect also makes review and assessment of Study results faster and more productive. Access to results can be restricted to particular team members within a company, ensuring the security of client Studies and all associated results. Clients on the same team can even communicate with one another during review by leaving secure comments on relevant reference sections.

One of the most unique elements of research through Article One is the crowd. AOP Connect allows client access to participating researchers and offers the ability to communicate with them individually or collectively in order to provide guidance and receive direct feedback about their work. This level of engagement with researchers and ability to provide mid-study direction is not available at traditional search firms.

"Others treat research as a rote event, executing a checklist and handing over PDF results," said Vanderheyden. "AOP understands and appreciates the role the researchers and larger crowd can play in the actual process and how interacting with them in real time can dramatically change the outcome and utility of what they find and how it relates to the client need."

By providing a single, intuitive dashboard for all of a client's work with Article One, AOP Connect introduces a new level of service for clients both old and new, increasing the return on their investment in IP research. All previous Article One Partners clients, even those who conducted research on the platform when it first launched in late 2008, are invited to return to the site to explore the new features. Previous log-in information is still valid for access to the main platform; access to AOP Connect will be open for 30 days. After the initial 30 days have elapsed, past clients are directed to contact the Article One Partners team for options on renewing their work with AOP and their access to AOP Connect.

To learn more about AOP Connect or to request a demonstration of the new platform, please contact Article One Partners.

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Since its founding in 2008, Article One Partners (AOP) has become the world's largest intellectual property (IP) research community. By leveraging a growing crowd of over 30,000 researchers, AOP has revolutionized the transparency of IP-related data. Through crowdsourcing and other techniques, AOP provides clients with access to insightful information to help them make the best possible IP related business decisions whether they are innovating, defending or monetizing their IP portfolios. The company has paid their research community more than $6M for their skilled work at identifying patents, non-patent literature and non-textual content to inform IP decisions. AOP helps 15 Fortune 100 companies and eight of the top ten US patent filers to improve their patent quality and strategic management of their IP across the IP lifecycle. AOP helps 15 Fortune 100 companies and eight of the top ten US patent filers to improve their patent quality and strategic management of their IP across the IP lifecycle.

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