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Artificial Solutions

August 04, 2015 07:50 ET

Artificial Solutions Fuels Intelligent Virtual Assistant for Shell

Teneo platform helps meet the demand for fast self-service customer support

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwired - Aug. 4, 2015) - Artificial Solutions™, (, the natural language interaction (NLI) specialist that enables users to have a meaningful, humanlike interaction with technology, announced today that Shell has used the Teneo™ Platform to develop virtual assistants called Emma and Ethan to help and advise customers on the technical aspects of Shell's lubricant products in the UK and US markets.

See Shell's press release here:

Emma and Ethan know the details of over 3000 Shell products and understand over 16,500 different characteristics of these products, providing customers with a wide range of answers to queries and relevant technical information such as product pack availability, physical property details including density or flash points, and product performance benefits.

Emma and Ethan can also help find lubricants for specific equipment by linking customers through to Shell Lubematch, and can recommend the nearest distributors in the UK and US. This type of in-depth knowledge allows Emma and Ethan to answer a wide range of questions and if the customer doesn't provide all the information needed, Emma and Ethan ask their own qualifying questions in return to ensure the most appropriate answer is given.

The virtual assistants are built using Teneo, an advanced automated NLI development platform that enables the business user to quickly build sophisticated artificial intelligence into software applications regardless of device or operating system. Using the Teneo platform allows Shell to meet the growing demand for fast self-service support by enabling its customers to easily find the answer to their query, simply by asking a question in their own words.

As the number one global lubricant supplier, Shell was looking to ensure their customers and distributors could find the answers to common technical queries quickly and easily.

With such a wide variety of information available online, it was critical to provide an intelligent self-help capability that provides Shell's customers with the right response straight away, regardless of the complexity of their question. An intelligent virtual assistant built using Artificial Solutions' natural language platform, Teneo was the answer.

Artificial Solutions' Teneo platform allows non-technical users to develop and maintain their own intelligent online virtual assistants in multiple languages. Equipped with the intelligence to learn, reason and understand, and then apply this knowledge to real customer interactions, a Teneo Virtual Assistant can resolve queries, answer questions, provide links to information or resources, even complete transactions through back-end systems, and update databases - all at the same time.

"Shell offers a wide range of lubricant-related services in addition to our product range. Our services help customers choose and use the right product to improve their operations. Shell Virtual Assistant is the next step in our delivery of great support - it is like having a technical expert at your fingertips, ready to answer your technical questions anytime. We are now evaluating launching Shell Virtual Assistant to other markets and in other languages in the near future," said Roger Moulding, Vice President of Global Marketing, Shell Lubricants.

"Intelligent virtual assistants such as Emma and Ethan can dramatically improve the customer experience for organizations, not just in their ability to provide a personal touch with a two way human like conversation, but also with their ability to provide a wealth of information at a moment's notice," said Andy Peart, CMO of Artificial Solutions.

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Artificial Solutions is the leading specialist in Natural Language Interaction (NLI). The company's patented technology enables people to hold two-way meaningful conversations with applications and services running on computers, mobile technology and other electronic devices in a humanlike, intelligent manner.

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