SOURCE: Artificial Turf Supply, LLC

November 10, 2015 14:02 ET

Artificial Turf Supply Combats Drought With Artificial Turf Installations for HOA Members

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 10, 2015) - Artificial Turf Supply is increasing its efforts to conserve water during the state's severe drought by offering special services for California homeowner association (HOA) members. These services are offered in support of the latest water conservation efforts mandated by the state of California.

"In the past, many homeowners' associations fined residents who had artificial turf installed on their properties," says David Barbera, Artificial Turf Supply's President and Managing Member. "However, artificial turf is being recognized as one of the most effective water conservation efforts during this drought. Our services reflect this change to help HOA members meet the state's demands for better water conservation."

As the California drought enters its fourth year, the state government is working with residents and artificial turf companies like Artificial Turf Supply to develop water-saving solutions. One of the latest of these is Assembly Bill 349, a bill approved by Governor Jerry Brown in early September that allows members of HOAs to install artificial turf without fear of fines. Homeowners may now elect to install artificial turf for their single-family residential landscapes as long as the project is appropriately within the HOA's standards of aesthetic appeal and drainage.

"It's understandable that HOAs would want to maintain their standards of appearance and quality," Barbera says, "but the drought is demanding a lot from all of us. Allowing HOA members to install artificial turf without fines is a big step forward in helping us get through the dry times."

Artificial Turf recently opened a new location in Anaheim, CA, which will serve as a supply point to deliver artificial turf materials to California HOA members affected by the drought.

"We are in a State of Emergency," says Barbera, referencing Governor Brown's declaration in January 2015. "Cities and towns across California have been expected to reduce their water use by 25 percent. HOA members can now contribute to weathering this drought just like everyone else, and our goal at Artificial Turf Supply is to help them accomplish that."

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