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Artik Design

October 16, 2014 02:56 ET

Artik Design Launches Attractive Referral Scheme to Attract More Clients

Company states that the referral scheme will be able to increase the company's outreach and benefit existing users

EDSON, ALBERTA--(Marketwired - Oct. 16, 2014) - Artik Design, one of the leading web design and web development companies in Canada announced the launch of a new referral scheme today at its company headquarters in Edson. The company believes that the scheme would be successful in attracting new clients. The company spokesperson said that the scheme is aimed to increase the customer base of the company and at the same time has the potential of benefiting existing customers. The spokesperson said, "We do believe that the scheme would be able to increase our reach and at the same time cement our relationship with our existing customers".

Elaborating on the plan, the spokesperson said, "Anyone can refer a friend or a colleague to subscribe to our web design and web development plans, and he or she would get 10% of the subscription value after the contract gets completed". However, he also spelled out certain terms and conditions of the scheme." In order to receive the commission the contract with the client has to reach its completion. There would be no payouts in case of a breach of contract", he said. He also informed that the detailed terms and conditions would be available on the company website. He said, "One can easily check the details of the scheme at our website. In fact, we actually encourage people to do the same."

The announcement has generated much interest among the audience present at the meeting, which included existing customers of the company and industry experts. Dominique Teparteau, a member of the existing clientele of the company was visibly excited. "I was planning to refer Artik Design to some of my business friends as they are the experts of website design in Edmonton and now I am going to get paid for that!", he remarked. Robert Emmett, another existing customer shared the same level of enthusiasm. He said, "Now I am going to refer Artik Design to all my friends who need a website". However, he also pointed out" I was going to refer Artik to them anyway!".

The launch also generated a significant amount of interest among the industry experts as well. Paul Tusco, a web consultant based in Edmonton, said that this was an innovative move by the company to reach out to new customers. He pointed out "This would really give the competitive edge to Artik Design in the field of web design Edmonton and might prove to be instrumental in consolidating its place at the top in the web development in Edmonton". Other industry experts present at the meeting also echoed the opinion of Mr. Tusco.

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