October 11, 2006 14:00 ET

Artist Helps Holocaust Victims Reclaim Their Name!

"Those People"

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 11, 2006 -- Titled "Those People," Glina's collection of paintings is a tribute created to keep alive the vital, valuable people lost through inexplicable horror. This installation has the potential to raise one million dollars, of which 100% will be donated to the organization that will claim this artwork and honor their memory. "It is memory that will save humanity." -- E. Wiesel

When artist, Esther Glina Montagner visited Auschwitz, she saw a tribute so unspeakably sad it outraged her -- suitcases bearing the names are all that survive from individuals... from whole families... who died there.

As Glina spent hours reading the names on the suitcases... searching to discover among them members of her own family -- she thought of all the others born to Holocaust survivors who will never journey to Auschwitz, will never see the suitcases there and experience firsthand their emotional impact. From their ashes, "Those People" will reclaim their names.

Seeing the need to bring these suitcases and their human importance to a wider audience, artist Glina conceived a large-scale project -- somewhere... a time capsule installation of 28 canvas oil paintings, each incorporating a various number of suitcases which will bear a family name. One hundred names will be memorialized in a place of honor.

While in Poland, Glina heard many times,"what is left to be said!" "These suitcases can speak loudly now for the lost generation, can speak to future generations whose awareness of what happened then and there might be dimmed by the dust of time," says Glina.

Glina's vision is to see all 28 original paintings (one representing each of the 28 blocks or barracks in Auschwitz) permanently installed together as a cultural, historical exhibit -- that will touch those who view it. It is her mission to see them NAMELESS no more! As a three-dimensional experience, many of the vintage suitcases will have articles from the time -- combs, shoes, jewelry... and in one, a prayer Tefellin. These actual suitcases are waiting for a name to be boldly painted upon it.

"What I am proposing to donate presents an enormous fundraising opportunity for some Jewish federation, museum, foundation, or organization. This is more powerful than what they now offer, which is a name on a plaque on a wall in exchange for a $25,000 donation. This, to me, is like offering a book on a shelf, with only its title exposed without experiencing the life of the book, itself."

"These people had lives," says Glina. "Like everyone born, they set out for a journey. Suitcases in hand, they had no idea where, really they were going. But these Lost Ones can survive still, can enlighten and move others fortunate enough not to have experienced their travel."

"Those People" A Three-Dimensional Art Exhibit by Esther Glina Montagner is ready for its journey. Consider what it will accomplish when it finds its "home."

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