May 29, 2012 16:29 ET

Arturo Muyshondt's WolfGang Cinema Announces a Joint Venture With NatCom Marketing

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - May 29, 2012) - Producer/actor Arturo Muyshondt ("Dream It Out Loud" aka "A West Texas Children's Story") today announced a joint venture with Miami-based NatCom Marketing, a full-service marketing agency specializing in the Hispanic and Latin American market with over thirty years of experience, led by a team of marketing experts, through which Muyshondt's production shingle, WolfGang Cinema, will set a number of cross-cultural films into production. The films will bring the Anglo and the Hispanic cultures together organically, using different genres.

WolfGang Cinema will produce one to two films per year; each budgeted under $5 million, with Muyshondt leading the producing effort and NatCom leading the sourcing of strategic partnerships, including the select product placement efforts. Muyshondt said: "After completing 'Dream It Out Loud' (aka 'A West Texas Children's Story'), I set out to develop a very specific type of cross-cultural film, one that will bring together cross-cultural casts that reflect the world in which we now live in, particularly here in the US. The films will be in the English language and they will be shot in their majority here in the US."

NatCom's managing director, Sallie Anne Rodriguez, said, "We are thrilled to enter into this joint venture with the very talented producer and actor, Arturo Muyshondt and his organization WolfGang Cinema. His expertise and skill sets interact nicely with our core competencies as a full service marketing and communications agency specializing in the US and Latin American markets. Further, we are convinced that the type of cross-cultural stories he will bring to the big screen will be groundbreaking." The joint venture will develop new partners, including select American and international brands that may include product placements and other ancillary benefits such as proprietary streaming and interactive options for the digital world.

"After a number of years completely immersed in the script development process, I am now finally ready to move the first films into physical production and I am very excited to have found a group not only with complementary skills, and a shared taste in material, but also one who shares my vision of the important socio-demographic ramifications that our cross-cultural films can have," said Arturo Muyshondt.

The first film out of the gate is the dramatic thriller "The Two Lives of Maxi Kaplan," based on a short story by the same name written by Argentine writer Hernan Iglesias Illa, with the support of Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and his Foundation. This film is a mystery and a drama with compelling themes, about a successful Argentine investment banker who is listed among those dead in the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11, leaving an American wife behind. Ten years to the day, a rumor surfaces that he's been seen -- alive -- and an American writer begins to investigate. What transpires is a moving story of loss, friendship and the meaning of freedom.

The screenplay was written by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Deborah Goodwin, who will also direct the film. Muyshondt will produce the film with Brooklyn-based John Scaccia and the film will be shot in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens, in New York. Casting is underway.

Said Muyshondt, "I've been living in the US for a long time now and with each passing year I see the line between Hispanics and Americans blurring, as a large part of the Hispanic population is now fully integrated into the American mainstream. No different than the Italians, the Irish, the Jewish, or any other demographic that came to this country several decades ago. And their taste, particularly when it comes to film, is now completely American. I live this life, this is what I see around me and this is what I'm trying to draw from and to express through most of these films -- a unique cross-culturality that blends the Hispanic and the Anglo cultures together (sometimes with other cultures) by using an American sensibility for storytelling and filmmaking."

Muyshondt added, "From inception, WolfGang Cinema's mission has been to integrate the Hispanic culture and way of life into the mainstream moviemaking experience. Our objective is twofold: firstly to be able to tell stories that reflect who we are, how we live and how we have integrated ourselves as a core engine in the US and secondly, to change how we, Hispanics, are depicted in movies, as historically, we are have always been depicted as the gang leader, the mafioso, the killer for hire, the inmate, etc. We have a great opportunity to change this perception worldwide through the power of cinema."

Arturo Muyshondt most recently produced "Dream It Out Loud" aka "A West Texas Children's Story," starring AnnaSophia Robb, Val Kilmer, Heather Graham, Matthew Modine, Lara Flynn Boyle, Dylan McDermott and Cayden Boyd.

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