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September 20, 2010 13:50 ET

As Businesses Scramble for Prized Television Product Placement Outsource Sales Organisation Per DM Asks is This All Too Late?

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - Sept. 20, 2010) - UK's premier outsource sales company Per DM is questioning whether it is too late for brands to partake in televised product placement, following the recent announcement by Oftel that broadcasters can now "legitimately" charge for product placement on television. The expected scramble by household brands for these prized placements has begun in earnest.

"For sure this is a step up in brand marketing and brand association in broadcasting terms and on the face of it a welcome decision" said a Per DM spokesman. "However with the change in consumer spending patterns and the explosion of the number of media channels, will the cost of product placement give a real return on investment?"

The winners in this for sure will be the television broadcasters. Take Eastenders as a prime example. Here we have a multifaceted, multi cultural, socially thought provoking soap which portrays life in the UK today. But where does it begin and where will it end? Will we be seeing famous brands in every scene? A well known whisky drank on screen by Phil Mitchell perhaps? Or Dot Cotton pouring the nation's favourite soap powder into a machine in the launderette while drawing on her cigarette?

"Brand value and equity is as important as brand exposure here and we should never underestimate the consumer's power of choice" says Jesse Young CEO of Per DM. In today's world where trust based selling is the common and more and more purchasing decisions are being made by consumers through peer to peer recommendations, there is a danger that this new medium may be too little too late.

Outsource or direct sales organisations such as Per DM already communicate on a one to one basis with the brands' customers. It's why more and more of the UK's top brands are factoring in outsource sales strategies to boost revenues. It's no longer a given that seeing a brand on television will result in a spike in sales.

"Brands have to work harder and be more sophisticated in a crowded market place to cut through and be heard above the noise created by the competition" say Per DM. "Clarity of thinking through innovative strategies and being faithful to brand values will always pay dividends".

As the television broadcasters rub their hands in anticipation and develop "Rate Cards" for their product placement slots, the viewer is already engaged, being entertained and sold to in many other ways through many, many channels. Whether it's through terrestrial television, satellite, cable, on-line or all of them, consumers hold the ultimate power of choice. Companies such as Per DM never forget this and constantly work with the top brands to ensure that they engage directly and ethically with their customers ensuring brand satisfaction. 

Per DM Contact Marketing Limited was established in August 2005 in response to the UK markets' need for a field sales organisation capable of delivering high quality results with consistency and reliability.

The company was formed by a group of former UK financial services executives and senior executives from the leading North American field sales agency and since 2005 we have continually recruited leading figures from the B2C and B2B business arena.

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