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May 15, 2007 11:20 ET

"As Divorce Rate Falls Smart Couples Make Online Prenuptial Agreements," Says

SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- May 15, 2007 -- Reacting to a just-released Associated Press report of a significant decline in divorce rates in the United States, marriage and legal experts are explaining why more couples are staying together than at any time since 1970.

"Premarital Agreements help smart couples stay together," writes legal commentator Charley Moore. He continues: "It should come as no surprise that today's mature couples are opting to create Premarital Agreements and that their frank understanding of the financial relationship created by marriage is resulting in happier and longer lasting marriages. Professional women and men come to marriages today with more assets, more debt and better communication skills than ever before. Combining their ability to have candid financial discussions, with the security and privacy of creating a Prenuptial Agreement online is truly a perfect match." Makes Prenuptial Agreements Easy and Affordable

With, couples can now use the internet to learn about the value of a Premarital Agreement for free, and can even create the document themselves at low cost, with a few mouse clicks. "Using is significantly less expensive than only one hour of attorney time. More importantly, the convenience and privacy of creating the document together using our online service allows couples to have a thoughtful discussion on their time and in their own space," says Rob Elhardt, VP of Product Management for Acendi Interactive Company, the creators of "More than one million registered users have used Acendi's and legal software to complete common legal tasks like Premarital Agreements for free or at a very low cost," he added. A Prenuptial Agreement costs only $29.95 at

Professional Women and Premarital Agreements

While there are a lot of opinions about why the divorce rate is falling, it's likely that professional women of all ages contribute to the growing popularity of Prenuptial Agreements and their positive impact on the declining divorce rate.

Charley Moore added, "Professional women defy the traditional, outdated notion that Prenuptial Agreements are a male desire. With significant assets and education, professional women are comfortable with frank discussions about money heading into a marriage and they can and should lead conversations about how the marriage will affect their careers and finances for the rest of their lives. Down the road, loss of a spouse, the empty-nest syndrome and intense career pressures all contribute to lifestyle changes. At the same time, this generation has more to lose in terms of material wealth including homes, cars, and financial assets, all of which can be covered in a Prenuptial Agreement before marriage begins," he concluded.

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