March 20, 2014 08:00 ET

As Facebook Rolls Out Video Ads, Companies Like Are Revolutionizing Video Affiliate Marketing

SANTA MONICA, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 20, 2014) - Social media giant Facebook announced the addition of video ads on users' news feeds last week, and the advertisements are expected to show up on the site within the next few months. The news represents a growing trend towards video advertisements on social networks, a feature the website has already been offering its own advertisers the opportunity to embrace.

According to Nielsen, over 84% of online users view online videos at least once a month. Social networks have been viewed as the hot new place for video advertisements and video affiliate company Modulates is on the cutting edge of this trend. Modulates provides its list of over 100,000 publishers to its advertisers, so they may utilize the power of the word-of-mouth marketing. Publishers can promote their videos on social networks, such as Facebook, in this new form of affiliate marketing. The publishers are paid when the purchase is made from an advertiser's site. Companies like Modulates are revolutionizing affiliate marketing, letting consumers have more access than ever to products videos on social networks, blogs, and websites.

Facebook promises to control video advertisements for quality and engagement in order to ensure users find the content meaningful rather than just clutter. has found that engagement and targeting are the key to providing successful advertisements. "By allowing consumers to become publishers and earn compensation for sharing a brand's message, we unlock the power of social media in a whole new way," said Nouriel Gino Yazdinian, founder of Modulates. "We find that people are much more receptive to the advertising message when it is shared by trusted friends and associates."

Facebook has a wealth of demographic information at its fingertips, allowing Summit Entertainment and other advertisers to prospect and target to customers. For consumers who want to participate in affiliate marketing and companies seeking to tap the hidden power of social networks, provides the best of both worlds.

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