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November 03, 2009 18:09 ET

As Holidays Approach Be Wary of Credit Card Debt & Overspending:

The Gift-Giving Season Is Traditionally a Time of Joy But Can Quickly Become a Time of Stress if Unchecked Spending Leads to Mountains Credit Card Debt

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - November 3, 2009) - Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day are the holiday trifecta; a time for celebrating life with one's family and friends. Part of the tradition of the holidays is, of course, gift-giving. Yet when it comes to this aspect it is far too easy to overspend with credit cards and quickly rack up huge amounts of credit card debt.

This credit card debt can cause untold stress in a consumer's life. It can be a source of anxiety, depression, sexual dysfunction, sleeping disorders, and overall misery. offers consumers the following money-saving and shopping tips to avoid racking up huge amounts of credit card debt this holiday season:

Set spending limits. Consumers are advised to set spending limits before shopping and work hard not to go over budget. This is however easier said than done.

Learn from previous spending mistakes and be realistic. If a consumer feels that they cannot be trusted with plastic they are advised to pay for purchases with cash or with a debit card. In this way a consumer cannot possibly spend more than they already have.

Deals. Deals. Deals. Consumers are advised to search for the best deals possible. During this time of year retailers are very interested in moving the largest amount of merchandise and are quick to offer big discounts to reach their sales goals.

Deals Online. When shopping online during the holiday season it's very easy to find such incentives as deep discounts, free gift wrapping and even free shipping. Consumers are advised to check the local sale papers and newspapers for the latest discounts and specials.

Consumers can do much to stretch their shopping dollars during the holiday season if they follow these recommendations. Invariably however there will be those who overspend and experience sticker shock when the credit card bills come in the mail. Yes, credit card debt can indeed cause grief.

Debt relief however is out there. It is available in such programs as Debt Settlement, Debt Consolidation, and Consumer Credit Counseling.

Total Debt Relief offers consumers a free debt evaluation which they can take advantage of at the company's website:

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