January 08, 2007 10:15 ET

As Snail TV Slithers, Wi-Fi TV Flies With Launch Today of New Generation Social Internet TV™ Station Sales

New Functionality, Exposure and Finance Options Become Effective Immediately as TV Is Liberated by Technology and Innovation

LAS VEGAS, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 8, 2007 -- At the 2007 CES in Las Vegas, Wi-Fi TV™ Inc. (PINKSHEETS: WTVI) today announced the new generation of Wi-Fi TV Stations and expanded benefits, distribution placement and financing, effective immediately. Social Internet TV™, a hybrid of conventional TV and the interactivity found on social networking web sites, is exclusive to

"Each Wi-Fi TV Station will now be fully integrated into Wi-Fi TV's Live Chat, Breaking News, and eCommerce features, liberating the ownership of TV stations from the conglomerates that controlled Snail TV while offering the new video medium of our times, the Internet, as a global distribution platform," said Alex Kanakaris, Chairman of Wi-Fi TV Inc.

Sales are targeted to all businesses large and small, real estate agents, professionals, car dealers, churches and places of worship, charities, specialists in all fields, schools, ethnic groups and anyone who would benefit from owning an interactive TV station accessible to everyone with a high-speed Internet connection.

All of the following technical functionality, distribution placement and easy financing are available starting today. For more information call 866-849-5072 and leave a message for Wi-Fi TV Station Sales or email

Benefits of owning a Wi-Fi TV Station:

1) Ability to place as little or as much programming you want, sequenced in any way you want, on a Wi-Fi TV Station that can be seen locally, nationally and globally by anyone with a high-speed Internet connection.

2) Ability to stand out in any given area by having your own Wi-Fi TV Station, to provide information, instruction, sales data, entertainment, shows, of any kind you wish.

3) All that is required to create programming is an inexpensive video camera, anything from a very simple one camera recording to a more elaborate production will work fine for delivery over the Internet.

4) Ability to sell advertisements on the Wi-Fi TV Stations, or to sell your own products, or to attract customers to your brick and mortar business, or to attract members or subscribers, or to promote what you have to offer.

5) Ability to present your viewpoint in any way that you wish, with freedom of speech.

6) First Wi-Fi TV Stations in any Wi-Fi TV category become the "default" Stations for that category, meaning additional clout and viewership.

7) Ability to create a following or cater to your audience in a way that no magazine, newsletter or traditional means of communication can.

8) Wi-Fi TV Live Chat will enable viewers to discuss your programs online visible by all viewers.

9) Ability to place links to products you have for sale from the Wi-Fi TV product listings on the pages where your Wi-Fi TV Station is accessible.

10) Ability to schedule special events, fundraisers and other special shows.

11) Wi-Fi TV Stations can be viewed on PCs, laptop PCs, and, increasingly, on mobile devices, TV screens, and big screen TVs, anywhere in the world a high-speed Internet connection is present.

12) You get to choose up to six Wi-Fi TV categories or countries (and in one category, if you are the first Station paid for in that category, you become the default Station)

13) Your Wi-Fi TV Station plays for FREE for anyone in the world who signs up to Wi-Fi TV (and there is no cost for membership)

14) You get to have up to six ON DEMAND videos online in addition to the Wi-Fi TV Station, and you can change these (so, for example, a real estate agent can have different property videos which the user can click on and view without waiting for them to come up on the Station). These on-demand videos will appear on one category page of your choice.

15) Wi-Fi TV provides you with form press releases to help you get news about your Station in local press

16) Wi-Fi TV publicizes your Wi-Fi TV Station with press releases distributed electronically by Wi-Fi TV (up to six a year).

Costs of owning a Wi-Fi TV Station:

$25,000 one-time upfront fee, $5,000 annual renewal fee.

Wi-Fi TV offers multiple financing plans for anyone who meets minimum credit requirements:

1) $2,000 down and $2,000 per month for the first twelve months (for a total of $26,000), then $500 per month (or an annual fee of $5,000 per year) thereafter.

For anyone, regardless of credit background:

1) $12,500 down and then a zero interest one year financing of the balance of $12,500 in three remaining quarterly payments of $4,166; (for a grand total of $25,000) then annual payments of $5,000 beginning in the second year.

The financing will be subject to terms and conditions contained in a contractual agreement which will be made available online at early in the new year.

2) Cost of encoding programs to WindowsMedia files, estimated to be $20 to $30 per hour of original programming

3) All programs are "pre-recorded," additional charges apply for live webcasts.

What is included in the cost of a Wi-Fi TV Station:

1) A Wi-Fi TV Station of your name, accessible from the Wi-Fi TV home page, six Wi-Fi TV category pages of your choosing, a Wi-Fi TV country page, and a unique URL created for your Station.

2) Six on-demand videos that will appear on the Wi-Fi TV category page of your choice. You may change the selection of videos as often as you like.

3) All bandwidth and hosting costs.

4) Joint press releases with Wi-Fi TV, including electronic distribution

5) Usage of the Wi-Fi TV Shopping Cart

6) Wi-Fi TV Live Chat feature for your Station

7) Wi-Fi TV Station number

8) Multiple opportunities for special web events and promotions through Wi-Fi TV

9) Wi-Fi TV Station benefit form all current and future technology and user functionality at

10) Wi-Fi TV will be offering Station owners a no-obligation opportunity to derive revenue from advertising provided by Wi-Fi TV to appear on their Station.

What must be provided by the owner of the Wi-Fi TV Station:

The Wi-Fi TV Station owner's choice of original or licensed programs, no minimum or maximum amount; however Station owner must provide shows in WindowsMedia format (see Costs above). Station will be broadcast by Wi-Fi 24 hours a day, 7 days week, but shows can be repeated so that there is no minimum amount of programming required.

How long does it take to get a Wi-Fi TV Station on the air (over the Internet)?

A Wi-Fi TV Station can typically be on the air within a few weeks of the signing of a Wi-Fi TV Station agreement.

How do you purchase a Wi-Fi TV Station:

To find out more information about owning a Wi-Fi TV Station email or call 866-849-5072.

About Wi-Fi TV Inc.

Wi-Fi TV Inc. provides a new generation TV delivery platform that has a geographic sphere out-distancing any traditional cable or over-the-air TV broadcaster

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The Company was launched in 1995 and has been publicly traded since November 1997, and has been a pioneer in the delivery of video and books over the Internet.

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