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May 25, 2011 08:00 ET

As Summer Travel Season Approaches, National Survey Sheds Light on How Couples Navigate the Open Road

TeleNav Survey Looks at the Battle of the Sexes in the Car; Data Suggests Which Partner Is the Better Driver, Who Requires More "Pit Stops" and More

SUNNYVALE, CA--(Marketwire - May 25, 2011) - Results of a recent national survey* commissioned by TeleNav, Inc. (NASDAQ: TNAV), one of the largest global wireless location-based services providers, indicate that when planning to hit America's roadways for the beloved road trip, men and women have many, and sometimes differing, opinions as to what roles each member of the couple should fill. From who normally drives, to who gets lost more, to who requires more "pit-stops," the survey results provide insight into what is happening inside the cars of American couples as they hit the road.

  • The Lost Highway (well, hopefully not) - While no one ever likes getting lost, survey results indicate that there are some fairly significant differences regarding who in the relationship is actually better at getting from Point A to Point B:
    • 81 percent of men indicated they have a better sense of direction than their significant other. In contrast, only 45 percent of women felt they possess a better sense of direction than their partner.
    • Only 32 percent of men admitted to getting lost more often than their significant other while driving. 52 percent of women reported that they lose their way more than their significant other.
  • Can We All Just Get Along - While road trips can certainly be a great experience, survey results indicate that it's not all fun and games traveling with your significant other:
    • When asked what annoys them most when their significant other is driving, the most frequent response from men was that their significant other drives too slowly. The most common response from women was that their partner follows another vehicle too closely.
    • When in the driver seat, the largest number of men indicated that the most annoying thing their significant other does is tell them to slow down. The most common response from female drivers regarding their top annoyance is when their partner criticizes the route they take to a destination.
    When it comes to the cause of arguments in the vehicle:
    • The largest amount of male respondents indicated that most of their in-vehicle arguments were the continuation of an argument that started prior to hitting the road. That was followed by the couple having opposing views on how to get to the location.
    • The highest number of female respondents indicated that the most frequent cause of arguments in the vehicle was due to one partner refusing to pull over and ask for directions. This was followed by one partner accusing the other of being a bad driver.
  • Pit-Stops - No matter how long the drive, it's likely that someone is going to require a "pit-stop" along the way to use the restroom or grab coffee. Exactly who that someone is might just depend on who you talk to:
    • Only 22 percent of men said they need more stops than their significant other on a trip. Results suggest that women may require more stops, with 36 percent of women indicating they have to stop more than their significant other.
    • A number of couples seem to have found a compromise, as 38 percent of men and 44 percent of women reported that they need the same amount of pit stops as their significant other while on a trip.
    • When restroom stops are made at gas stations or convenience stores, 38 percent of all respondents said they feel they should purchase an item in order to use the restroom, while 62 percent said they have no guilt with using the restroom and not purchasing anything.
  • Hey Man, it's Your Turn to Drive! - When asked who typically drives during longer trips in the car with their significant other, results indicate that:
    • 76 percent of men indicated they are responsible for driving compared to just 30 percent of women who reported they are the sole handler of driving duties.
    When it comes to shorter trips around town with their significant other:
    • 84 percent of men said they take the wheel, compared to only45 percent of women who let their significant others ride shotgun. The discrepancy in responses may indicate women and men have selective memories when it comes to who takes the wheel more often on short trips.
    Why do men take the wheel more than women? Perhaps both partners think men may be a bit more skilled behind the wheel:
    • 85 percent of men indicated they are a better driver than their significant other, compared to just 57 percent of women who said they handle the wheel better than their male counterparts.
  • More Tidbits - A few more interesting survey findings:
    • When asked if they enjoy driving, 42 percent of men said they get behind the wheel as often as they can compared to just 26 percent of women.
    • Twice as many men than women admitted that they have driven a vehicle with their knees at one point.
    • When asked if they had ever groomed themselves while driving (put on make-up for women or shaved for men), four times as many women answered yes than men.
    • Twenty-one percent of all respondents have eaten a meal that required a fork or spoon while driving.

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* The survey sample consisted of 610 (310 male/300 female) US residents of driving age. Responses were collected between May 13 and May 16, 2011.

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