November 16, 2007 13:50 ET

ASC X12 Positioned for Standards Innovation

FALLS CHURCH, VA--(Marketwire - November 16, 2007) - The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 is pleased to announce the reelection of its chair, Daniel I. Kazzaz, and the election of its new vice chair, Gary Beatty. The new ASC X12 leadership represents increased savings, improved customer service, and revenue optimization across industries with a focus on advancing such global market-driven issues as:

--  Enabling and enhancing real-time adjudication (RTA) of health care
--  Collaborating with the industry and other standards bodies on such
    topics as RTA, Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Consumer Driven Health
    Plans (CDHPs)
--  Generating XML business messages with its syntax-neutral architecture,
    called Context Inspired Component Architecture (CICA)
--  Delivering streamlined X12 definitions and key CICA interoperability
--  Driving standards initiatives that reflect and fulfill transportation,
    logistics and supply chain business process requirements

"The new ASC X12 leadership platform provides a consistent agenda focused on global requirements, product innovation and cross-industry focus," said Jerry Connors, DISA President (DISA is ASC X12's secretariat).

Mr. Kazzaz brings more than 30 years of executive management and B2B experience to ASC X12. He founded multiple start-up organizations -- focused on interoperability, compliance, and improving business processes -- including the industry-leading PaperFree Systems, which was ultimately purchased by Sybase.

Gary Beatty has over 20 years experience implementing EDI across multiple industries, with the last 15 years focused on EDI implementation guidance for health care payers and providers. Mr. Beatty consistently serves standards initiatives via active participation on the ASC X12 Insurance Subcommittee (X12N), the Designated Standards Maintenance Organizations (DSMO), the Workgroup for EDI (WEDI) Board, and other key initiatives that foster X12 development and adoption.

The ASC X12 Chair and Vice Chair serve alongside the following elected ASC X12 Subcommittee and Task Group Chairs:

--  Communications & Controls Subcommittee: Mike Rawlins, Rawlins EC
--  Finance Subcommittee: Candace C. Marton, MasterCard Worldwide
--  Government Subcommittee: Stephen Bouchard, State of Maryland
    /Comptroller's Office
--  Insurance Subcommittee: Alexandra Goss, Payformance Corporation
--  Supply Chain Subcommittee: Debra Cimbala, Remington Arms Company
--  Technical Assessment Subcommittee: Verna Schultz, Railinc
--  Transportation Subcommittee: Doug Anderson, Kleinschmidt
--  Collaboration & Outreach Task Group: Lenel James, Blue Cross and Blue
    Shield Association
--  Marketing Task Group: Jonathan Gatrell, Inovis, Inc.
--  Policies & Procedures Task Group: Kenneth R. Hutcheson, Dupont Company

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About ASC X12

The Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12 is the leading global standards organization for multi-enterprise and cross-industry collaboration. Chartered by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in 1979, ASC X12 developed the first electronic data interchange (EDI) standard and continues to develop interoperable components for businesses. With more than 3,000 expert volunteers, ASC X12 continues to bring innovation to global markets. To learn more about ASC X12 and how to participate, visit or call 703-970-4480.

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