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November 22, 2005 09:00 ET

Ascentn, Developer of First .NET-based Business Process Management System, Announces Support for Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation

Ascentn's AgilePoint BPM Accelerates Windows Workflow Foundation for BPM

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 22, 2005 -- Ascentn, the leading provider of .NET-based Business Process Management System (BPMS) solutions, today announced plans to align its future product development with Microsoft® Windows® Workflow Foundation, a development platform for the rapid creation of workflow-enabled applications(1). The company also described an existing compatibility between its AgilePoint™ BPMS suite and Windows Workflow Foundation, both of which are based on the .NET Framework. This foundational compatibility allows Ascentn customers to extend or interchange the AgilePoint BPM process engine with Windows Workflow Foundation, thereby accelerating Windows Workflow Foundation to the BPM level. It also provides other important benefits, enabling AgilePoint customers to gain immediate and seamless access to Windows Workflow Foundation without incurring the risk and uncertainty of a product rebuild. This both saves development time and speeds time-to-market.

"BPM enables enterprises to create an evolving business support system based on an existing infrastructure that can be easily tuned and optimized over time," said Jesse Shiah, president and co-founder, Ascentn Corporation. "This makes businesses more responsive and agile. At Ascentn, we are committed to enabling a wide audience -- non-technical business decision makers and information workers as well as developers -- to create their own processes in a familiar modeling environment that permits the re-use of existing applications for massive productivity gains. Through our support of Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation, we actually accelerate customers' ability to take full advantage of Windows Workflow Foundation by extending Microsoft's new development platform to BPM. In this capacity, we enable information workers to leverage Windows Workflow Foundation functionality without IT involvement."

Mr. Shiah elaborated on his future plans for Windows Workflow Foundation: "Ascentn views Windows Workflow Foundation as an important contribution to Microsoft's portfolio of enterprise technologies. While AgilePoint customers can already create Windows Workflow Foundation-based reusable BPM assets, we will be looking into an even deeper, architectural-level integration of Ascentn's AgilePoint Suite and Windows Workflow Foundation in the coming release. This integration would support out-of-the-box functionality to expand the potential audience for Windows Workflow Foundation beyond software programmers to information workers and business users. Since AgilePoint already supports enterprise functionality such as network load balancing (NLB), clustering and application context-driven load balancing, centralized process store and enterprise role-based management and security, direct integration with Active Directory, etc., it can readily extend the same support to Windows Workflow Foundation. In addition, we believe that our combined solution will further advance the ability of Ascentn and Microsoft to expedite enterprise wins whenever companies require greater business agility in business process management and information workflow."

About AgilePoint BPMS and Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation

Like Windows Workflow Foundation, Ascentn's AgilePoint BPMS Suite was designed to leverage the internals of .NET at the architectural level. This enables built-in support for XML and Web Services. It also allows AgilePoint customers to more easily create readily executable workflow- or process-based applications, such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications.

Through advancements to extend true object-oriented support for process architecture, AgilePoint customers can integrate the two technologies by replacing or extending the AgilePoint BPM process engine with Windows Workflow Foundation functionality. This allows users to turn Windows Workflow Foundation functions into reusable assets that can be assembled at the process level -- by both IT and non-technical business users -- into readily executable workflow- or process-based applications. This design scheme both empowers users and saves development time.

AgilePoint Advantages over J2EE Solutions

The AgilePoint Suite offers significant advantages over BPMS based on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE™). While costing 5 to 10 times less than J2EE-based solutions, the AgilePoint Suite is a more flexible and intuitive BPMS, yet it also provides a comparable level of enterprise functionality.

About Windows Workflow Foundation

Windows Workflow Foundation is a set of activities that coordinate people and software. With it, Microsoft is redefining workflow by incorporating it into a mainstream development platform and supporting both human and system workflow across client and server scenarios. Workflow capabilities will be available to developers via WinFX™, the new programming model for Windows Vista™. Developers can workflow-enable applications using the familiar and popular Visual Studio® development tools. For more information, visit:

About the AgilePoint BPMS

Information workers are successfully using Ascentn's AgilePoint BPMS, a suite of tools that allows IT professionals and business users to create reusable business process applications, with the full stack of Microsoft products -- Microsoft ASP.NET, Microsoft Visio®, Microsoft Office, Microsoft InfoPath® and Microsoft SharePoint®. This tight integration with Microsoft applications allows users to deliver highly manageable and flexible solutions for rapidly automating, managing and improving end-to-end business operations. Ascentn's AgilePoint BPMS Suite delivers the enterprise-class BPM functionality at the lowest cost, both meeting the needs of large corporations and extending the BPMS to small and mid-sized businesses.

About Ascentn

Founded in 2002, Ascentn Corporation is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and 2005 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award Winner for Innovation in Information Worker Solutions. Ascentn has more than a decade of experience in creating both Windows- and J2EE-based enterprise-class workflow and process-based business solutions. Committed to delivering unprecedented value and usability, the company pioneered the AgilePoint Suite, an enterprise-class BPMS solution based on the Microsoft .NET Framework. AgilePoint empowers a broad range of information workers to quickly realize new levels of process values by providing visually intuitive BPMS solutions that do not require programming. This frees information workers to deploy, manage and continuously improve end-to-end business operations by allowing them to execute their process models directly. From financial services and insurance to manufacturing, communications and healthcare, industries around the world are using Ascentn software to drive process excellence, reduce costs and dramatically improve business agility. Ascentn's global customer base includes Hewlett Packard, Moody's, Chinatrust, Cellcom, Elbit Systems and DaisyBrand. For more information, please call +1-650-968-6789, email or visit

NOTE: AgilePoint is a trademark of Ascentn Corporation. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the United States and/or other countries.

(1) See Microsoft press release: “Microsoft Redefines Workflow with Windows Workflow Foundation,” September 14, 2005.

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