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May 08, 2013 01:00 ET

Asda Money Reveals the UK's Most Popular Cats

Asda Money looks at the nation's love for our feline friends, with research showing that 19%(1) of UK households own at least one cat.

LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - May 8, 2013) - With our furry companions forming an integral part of our families, Asda Money highlights research2 which reveals the cat breeds that are the biggest hit with Brits.


With their thick hair, fluffy tails, and cute faces it's no surprise that Persians are much loved by pet owners across Britain. Persians love human company and have a playful, laidback nature, making them an ideal pet. Although Persians enjoy getting lots of attention from their owners, they are also happy to do their own thing, such as when their owners are at work.

Because of their long, thick coats Persians will need daily brushing with a metal comb, to keep coats knot free and reduce hairballs.

British Short hair4

Much like the Persian, the British Short hair has an easygoing temperament, and is often dubbed a 'gentle giant'. With its rotund face and wide 'smile' it's easy to see why one of the oldest breeds of English cat has remained until the present day.

This sociable breed is comfortable around adults and children, meaning that it could be an ideal family pet, and as well as needing no grooming, the British Short hair has no specific health problems.


The striking look of these exotic cats is matched by their exuberant personalities, with Siamese cats known for their love of pitching into human conversations, with their own unique voices.

As well as being a great communicator, Siamese cats are keen to be the centre of attention, and are happiest when they are on their owner's laps.

Because of their need for stimulation, they are best suited to households where owners aren't out at work for the full day.

Siamese cats can also be very territorial, meaning they are most happily settled with cats of their same breed.

Despite being a nation of feline fans, research has shown that a third of pet owners surveyed have reduced the money spent on their pet due to the recession, over fears that they won't be able to meet the cost of vet bills4.

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Notes to Editors


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