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December 16, 2008 09:00 ET

Asentinel Customers Receive Cash Savings Faster in Year of Economic Decline

Patent, Tech Innovations Help Asentinel Grow Faster Than Industry Average

MEMPHIS, TN--(Marketwire - December 16, 2008) - In a year that has seen corporate budgets shrink, Asentinel®, a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider, has been able to save its customers more money, faster than anyone else in the industry. Moreover, Asentinel has grown at a rate that exceeds the industry average and breaks the company's record.

"In a recession, it's great to be in a business that actually saves people money," said David C. Perdue, Asentinel CEO. "CFOs are scrambling to find every possible dollar, and our software system can find those missing dollars, as well as protect against erroneous telecom charges in the future."

Asentinel's patented software system, Asentinel 5.0, automatically flags inaccuracies on telecom invoices and offers detailed reporting and budgeting capabilities. The system also acts as a central repository for a company's entire telecom system.

"Our industry has increased because of all the research says that telecom is an area where the average business is losing money," said Perdue. "People have chosen to the Asentinel system because it is patented, proven and puts cash in hand faster than any other system. In times like these, cash in hand keeps a business running and employees in their jobs."

Aberdeen Group heralded Asentinel in October for its ability to "implement their solutions more quickly than typical TEM users" and "quickly realize savings above and beyond those that were projected," resulting in a faster ROI and increased cash flow.

Asentinel's receipt of the A to Z telecom patent kicked off a year of highlights for Asentinel. The patent is the only comprehensive patent in the TEM industry and it recognizes Asentinel's leadership in the space, proving that Asentinel was the first to create the innovate technologies that have become the building blocks of the industry.

Asentinel continued its spirit of innovation with the introduction of OIR™ (Optical Invoice Recognition), a technology that can intelligently read paper invoices down to the smallest detail with a near 100 percent accuracy rate. Since most major corporations receive 10 percent of their telecom invoices on paper, the OIR technology saves time, money and human costs.

"It's impossible for an employee to extract every detail from a 7,000 page paper invoice," said Perdue. "OIR automates the process, and intelligently deciphers one carriers' invoice from another while flagging billing errors and over-charges. Companies save their employees' brains for more strategic thinking."

The OIR technology has become the platform of Asentinel's TouchFree TEM™ offering. The service allows customers to have their telecom invoices sent directly to Asentinel, where Asentinel experts will scan in paper invoices using the OIR technology. The customer is still able to oversee their complete telecom picture from the Asentinel 5.0 real-time interface.

OIR was recently named as a finalist for Innovation of the Year in the AOTMP Industry Excellence Awards. Two of Asentinel's customers were named as finalists in the Telecom Professional of the Year category. The awards will be presented in February 2009.

Asentinel also was named this year to the Business TN Hot 100.

"Our company is built on innovation, and our innovations have always been about making the customers' lives easier," said Perdue. "That is why TEM was born, and that is why every technology we've created since then has been so well-received by executives looking for cost savings, telecom efficiency and telecom control. There's a lot about telecom invoice processing that can be improved, and we strive to be the ones that continue to do it."

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Recognizing its leadership in the industry, Asentinel holds the only A to Z United States patent (#7340422) for telecom expense management. Its groundbreaking software, Asentinel 5.0, has saved its customers millions of dollars since its inception in 2002. Asentinel continues to grow its list of Fortune 1000 companies and government entities that realize the power of telecom expense management. For more information, please visit

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