February 14, 2007 09:43 ET

ASG / Sypherlink Partnership Provides Financial Services Organizations With Increased Business Agility

Metadata Management Solution Enables Regulatory Compliance and Greater Accuracy for Leading Financial Services Organizations

DUBLIN, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 14, 2007 -- ASG, a worldwide enterprise software and professional services provider, and Sypherlink, the leading provider of automated data mapping software, today announced that their market-leading data management solution, ASG-Rochade Relationship Harvester™, has been selected and is being implemented by several leading financial services organizations.

ASG-Rochade Relationship Harvester, which ASG resells from Sypherlink, automates the mapping process -- the laborious, costly and error-prone process of understanding where key relationships exist between data sources. Using ASG-Rochade Relationship Harvester, organizations can reduce the time, cost and resources required for data sharing initiatives, while enhancing the accuracy and reliability of their data.

ASG-Rochade provides a streamlined process for centralizing the management of metadata from sources throughout an enterprise. ASG-Rochade can store, interrelate and disseminate information customized to every user's perspective, and it tracks metadata trails, thus providing metadata configuration management and enabling change impact analysis. These unique capabilities have been used to solve many business problems related to communication and understanding in areas such as Data Warehouse, Component/Object Management, Enterprise Architecture, and Portfolio Management.

"Financial services organizations face an increasing need to gain a 'single version of the truth' about the data and systems available across the enterprise," said Arthur L. Allen, President and CEO of ASG. "They must do this to protect themselves from risks arising from compliance and regulatory deficiencies, and to make better, faster decisions based upon their data. This product provides a way for businesses to have better intelligence overall."

"We are excited to see companies realize the significant benefits of our partnership," said James Paat, Sypherlink president and CEO. "Not only are these organizations experiencing reduced costs and accelerated implementation timeframes, but they now also have a single, centralized platform which supports other strategic initiatives, including business intelligence and data governance."

About ASG

ASG offers Metadata Management solutions that are recognized as the gold standard for providing a "single point of truth" concerning enterprise IT assets. ASG's enterprise-wide and application-specific repositories address the challenges of data governance, agile decision-making, business processes, and services development. The Metadata Management portfolio offers the ability to comprehensively gather and manage metadata from all enterprise information assets. ASG's solutions can also present role-based views to users across the organization and deliver the greatest return on information assets.

About Sypherlink, Inc.

Sypherlink, Inc. is a privately held information integration software company serving the global 1000, public sector organizations, and any company with a need to manage or access information across multiple data sources. Sypherlink's suite of products significantly reduces the time and cost associated with data-sharing and data-integration initiatives by enabling companies to quickly gain knowledge of where key data exists across an organization; access that data from multiple, disparate sources; and ensure reliability of data, for quality and consistency. Today, this process -- an essential first step in every data-sharing initiative -- is manual, costly, and error-prone. Sypherlink automates the process, resulting in a much faster, less costly and higher-quality implementation. Sypherlink implementations have shown a 50 to 85 percent reduction in the time and costs associated with data sharing and integration initiatives. Sypherlink was founded in 2001 and is based in Dublin, Ohio.

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