September 03, 2014 15:00 ET Leading Refurbisher Launches New "Sell Your Phone for Cash" Service With an Edge

Reverse Logistics and Supply Chain Company Rolls Out Its Latest Venture: a Trade-In Site That Offers Handsome Amounts for Used Electronics

MIAMI, FL--(Marketwired - September 03, 2014) - Known for its first-rate reverse logistics and supply chain operations, The Recon Group Inc. (TRG) has partnered with retailers over the years to accommodate industry changes, identify trends through custom analytical tools, and build an after-sale network. Its latest venture,, complements its efforts by introducing a new trade-in specialty website with a competitive edge.

Announcing the launch of, a TRG spokesperson commented, "We can't be more proud of our latest venture, especially since it offers a new and unique service to customers. The website also guarantees a win-win situation, which is a very rare trait in the trade-in industry."

Through, owners of iPhones, iPads and other electronics can sell their old gadgets and earn enough to buy new ones. What gives this service an edge is the fact that sellers will get real time quotes for their products after filling in a small questionnaire. In addition to receiving more than they would elsewhere, sellers will receive their payments faster than on any other site.

One of the reasons behind's quick payment is its diversified payment channels. offers Check, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards to quickly pay consumers.

In addition to paying quickly and generously, offers better customer service. Both entities are BBB accredited businesses and maintain positive customer reviews. The emerging trade-in platform will provide prepaid shipping labels on some of the small electronics it purchases. As a result, sellers can send in their old electronics for free. Furthermore, the site guarantees data wiping every device to ensure the removal of personal data, in accordance with U.S. laws.

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About is a division of The Recon Group Inc. (TRG). It is an online trade-in specialist that allows the users of electronics to sell products that have little or no value. It provides users with a number of perks, including pre-paid shipping labels and flexible payment channels.

About The Recon Group, Inc. (TRG)

TRG was incorporated in 2007. Throughout the years, TRG focused its efforts on the Intelligent Disposition, Smart Touch and Smart Returns aspects of the Reverse Logistics Industry. Having added every big box consumer electronic retailer to our client roster, TRG's area of expertise lays in Consumer Electronics, however, it is not limited to this category. TRG has developed and executed programs for a multitude of consumer level products, including soft goods, hard goods, clothing and toys.

TRG's roots are deep in firsthand experience. Our team consists of individuals collaboratively working together, each bringing their own versatile backgrounds and experiences, goals, achievements, certifications and inter-industry networking together, to create TRG.

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